Sentence Five and a half years imprisonment for a kidnapper

Sentence Five and a half years imprisonment for a kidnapper

A Montrealer who harassed a woman for months, and who kidnapped and kidnapped another at gunpoint, was recently sentenced to five and a half years in prison. A sentence clearly insufficient in the eyes of the victims, still haunted by fear, a year and a half later.

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“His plan, next time, he’s not going to miss it.” […] I’m afraid of being kidnapped, I’m afraid of being raped, I’m afraid of being tortured, I’m afraid of being killed. I’m going to be afraid of this all my life when he gets out of jail. If it’s not me, it’ll be someone else, ”Zoe (fictitious name) testified at the Montreal courthouse.

Ghislain Laplante.  Detained

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Ghislain Laplante. Detained

The words of the teacher by profession strike the imagination, but her fear is very real and deeply rooted.

On September 5, 2019, Ghislain Laplante had planned everything to keep her captive for three months, in a chalet in the Eastern Townships.

The 40-year-old had a fixation on the mother in her 30s, to the point where he flooded her with texts and followed her on her jogging routes.

Feeling rejected by the one on whom he had set his sights, Laplante hatched an evil plan to kidnap her, kidnap her and give free rein to his twisted mind.

He had armed himself with an air gun, a hunting knife, handcuffs, sex toys, women’s clothing, condoms and lubricant, among others.

When Laplante realized he couldn’t make his plan with Zoe come true, he turned to another woman in her twenties who was working with her son.

Vicky (fictitious name) was therefore kidnapped instead of Zoé, very close to her workplace in Montreal.

In survival mode

Showing incredible composure, the young psychoeducator pretended to have to recharge the battery of her electric vehicle on the South Shore before continuing their journey to Estrie.

She took advantage of a brief moment of nonchalance of the kidnapper to flee at full speed to a hardware store, where she was able to call for help.

“If I looked brave and quick-witted to you that day, to me it was survival.” My life depended on it and I acted on autopilot, ”Vicky wrote in a letter read to the court.

Imprisoned since the crime, Laplante was recently sentenced to a “legally reasonable” sentence of five and a half years in penitentiary, from which two years of preventive detention were removed.

Before Judge Karine Giguère, the prosecutor Jérôme Laflamme candidly admitted that he thought he was calling for a sentence that was twice as long, but that this would not have represented case law.

“Me too, I was very surprised to see that the sentences in similar matter for individuals without criminal record, in the context of the offenses, were in a range of three to five years”, noted the magistrate, trying so well that bad to reassure the victims.

Laplante also attempted to do so, through a letter read by his lawyer. “Today I recognize how terrible what I have done is. […] I would like to express my regrets, which are deep and sincere, despite the cliché it represents, ”he said, wishing a“ bright future ”to the two young women.

Regrets and compassion

It is easy to understand that Zoe can doubt her sincerity, because Laplante used the same words on the day of the crime to tell her of her dark intentions.

“My crime is horrible and my request for compassion may seem ironic, yet it is not,” he wrote to Zoe when he was in the car with Vicky.

“With a little compassion, no doubt, I would still have one life and I would not have destroyed so many lives around me.”

Poignant testimonies

“I am scared. I will be doomed to look over my shoulder ”

– Zoe, victim of harassment

“I consider that there is a [Vicky] before September 5, 2019 and a [Vicky] after, changed and marked “

– Vicky, kidnapped victim


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