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Sennheiser IE 500 Pro – lyrical in-ear headphones, beautiful, warm, lyrical, or 18 million

Sennheiser IE 500 Pro is an in-ear headset that uses 7mm dynamic driver, 16 kháng impedance and 126dB sensitivity, so it is easy to "sound out" when plugging in the phone, it is better to have a better source of playback such as hearing aids High quality music.

This headset is also quite light in volume about 18g, silver plated copper wire is genuine. Sound quality is gentle, good peeling, sweet in the direction of flattery to listen to slow music, lyrical music.

Accessories of the product include 3 sets of silicone tips (S / M / L), 3 sets of tip foam (S / M / L), containers, cleaning kits and adapter 6.3mm.

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Sennheiser IE 500 plastic case, which doesn't look good, at the price of 18tr, I want a better shell, but it looks ugly baby IE 40 Pro!

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She is very fit to wear, light to the ear when worn, even you can wear and sleep without feeling any ear. The minus point is that the headset has a low level of tightness and the wearer will hear background noise, especially in a noisy public place.

Overall sound

IE 500 Pro is tuned in a sweet and slightly flattering direction. Bass of headphones will have a slow speed, not flattering or muddy, smooth, deep in sub-bass, upper-bass with moderate, thick force, I personally feel it sounds cleaner and clearer than IE 800 old. Treble is a bit sharp, creating good space. The chord is not progressive, not backward, sweet at mid-high and smooth, low-mid.

The IE 500 Pro soundstage (generally in the Sennheiser IEM Pro headset models) is wide and airy with acceptable heights. This is because IE 500 Pro cannot tune in to V-shape. The negative space is very accurate and stable, and the notes are clearly separated. Between musical positions there is always a "gap" that helps separate and respect them in the overall soundstage, proving that the dynamics of this IE 500 Pro are quite good.

Some compare fast with their 2 favorite earphones recently

Sennheiser IE 40 Pro

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IE 500 Pro has a slightly higher volume level and also shows a lot more detail than its younger sibling, the IE 40 Pro I love and appreciate here. Bass on IE 500 Pro is also more powerful, more stamping, generally making a better impression when listening to music with IE 40 Pro. Thanks to the thicker sub-bass band, IE 500 Pro has a darker sound quality, not as open as IE 40 Pro. In the upper-mid range, IE 40 Pro is feminine, in stark contrast to the IE 500 Pro, which shows a thicker and emotional male vocal. IE 500 Pro also offers slow and passionate bass speed, a soft feeling, in this regard, the low IE 40 Pro : D The peeling, showing the musical instrument spread, positioning each instrument in the overall soundstage is also made better by IE 500 Pro.

Fiio FH7

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The headphones of these two headphones are generally quite similar in height and width, but the FH7 still lags behind IE 500 Pro in the sub-bass body and volume. IE 500 Pro has a somewhat richer bass, thus increasing the smoothness, appeal, and appeal to the overall timbre, while FH7 is primarily aimed at exploiting details in the notes.


As I said, IE 500 Pro is a good in-ear headset, the overall sound quality is charming, beautiful, warm, salty, for bold, narrative and emotional music. Its minus point is that the quality of machining and finishing is not too beautiful and beautiful, besides the price is quite high.


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