Senior Israeli general warns of new war with Hamas

Senior Israeli general warns of new war with Hamas

Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Major General Aviv Kohavi on Thursday (June 17, local time) convened an extraordinary meeting with senior generals and warned them to prepare. for the new war with Hamas. This meeting took place after Hamas launched a fireball into Israeli territory on June 15, and the IDF responded with two consecutive nights of airstrikes on Hamas bases in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF on June 17 announced on Twitter the second night of air strikes in the Gaza Strip in response to Hamas’s launch of fireballs on June 15. The Israeli military says it has hit military compound areas and a rocket launch site believed to be Hamas.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Major General Jerusalem Post on June 17 held a quick meeting with senior IDF military officers and warned them to be ready for a new war with Hamas.

The IDF says they are preparing “multiple scenarios, including the resumption of hostilities” with Hamas.

Earlier, on Wednesday and Thursday nights, the IDF carried out an assault on the Gaza Strip, targeting military targets believed to be administered by Hamas. The IDF both warned Gaza citizens before they carried out the strikes. There have been no reports of casualties from these strikes so far.

The two strikes by the IDF were in response to Hamas’ launch of at least 20 fireballs into southern Israel on Tuesday (June 15), coinciding with Israel’s “Flag March” march through the Old City of Jerusalem. which is still held annually to commemorate the victory of the Jewish state in the Six-Day War with the Arab coalition in 1967.

Tensions between Israel and Hamas escalated at a time when the Jewish state had just transferred power from Mr. Netanyahu to new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Naftali Bennett, who was former Prime Minister Netanyahu’s chief of staff, has stated that he considers Hamas attacks on Israel with fireballs to be the same as rocket attacks.

In a related development, US Secretary of State Blinken on June 17 held a phone call with his Israeli counterpart Yair Lapid and two US and Israeli diplomats discussed “the need to improve Israeli-Palestinian relations”, according to a statement from the US State Department.

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