Sema show: The world's leading auto show event

Sema show: The world’s leading auto show event

Referring to the Sema Show, car enthusiasts will be extremely excited because this is the world’s leading auto show event.

Sema Show attracts almost all leading car builders in the world to compete for the title of “Top Mastermaker”. The exhibition event takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center No. 3150 on Paradise Road, Nevada, USA. The side activities of the Sema Show are music shows, food, racing shows … also attract large numbers of visitors to the event.

The Sema Show brings together car brands, parts, sponsors, and exhibitors to showcase their new models and cars to help connect the components of the automotive industry. . Here, journalists and paparazzi also have the opportunity to work, producing photos for life because this is the largest auto exhibition.

At the Sema Show, fans will have the opportunity to admire the unique models, unique peaks and impressive performances.

Sema Show is the 60th anniversary of the US market presence of Asian carmaker – Honda. Honda brought to the exhibition the model Honda CR-V Dream, Honda CR-V Hybird Do, made by Jsport Performance Accessories. The Honda CR-V Dream and CR-V Hybird Do are both equipped with 1.5-inch undercarriage kits, but the Dream with a more dusty look is fitted with an extra wheel. Both models are designed in style to serve picnic transport, so the roof is attached to the roof rack to set the dose, bike, other items …, luggage compartment is fitted with a drawer … Honda also brought a car model with a widebody kit, called Civic Si Drift.

The Sema Show is also home to many old-fashioned models with spectacular revival displays. Toyota brought to the Sema Show Supra model with a bodykit inspired by the 1994 Supra TRD3000GT. Bride Xero CS tuner gives Supra a sporty seats for the Supra.

Also at the exhibition is a Mercedes – Maybach of Forgiato custom with the special idea that the black fire is only in shiny 22 inch Orologio rims. There are many crazy and unique ideas introduced at the largest scale car show in the world.

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