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Sell ​​kidney to buy iPhone, this young man was hospitalized for 7 years

No longer a joke, a young Chinese man actually sold his kidney to buy an iPhone and the price was too expensive.

Seven years ago, Xiao Wang, then a 17-year-old boy living in China, sold his kidney to buy the iPhone 4. At that time, the iPhone 4 was the latest iPhone, anyone who worked Organic it is also considered more caste than others. Of course, the iPhone 4 is also a dream of Xiao Wang but difficult family circumstances did not allow the student to have it.

Xiao Wang started looking for ways to get as much money as quickly as possible. And through a trigger, he learned that a human with only one kidney could live well. Therefore, Xiao Wang decided to sell one of his kidneys to make money.

It has been 7 years but Xiao Wang still has to go to hospital for dialysis. Photo: Seehua.

After searching, Xiao Wang found an illegal clinic to sell kidneys. He was paid 3,200 USD for his kidney. For you, this is a lot of money and left to buy an iPhone.

In order to perform the surgery, Wang traveled from Anhui province to Chenzhou. He plans to buy an iPhone soon. It was said to Xiao Wang that after only a week he could function completely normally. But it was the exact opposite, and all bad things started to happen.

His incision was not properly hygienic, clean and infected. Wang hid his parents about the surgery and his health condition until he became seriously ill due to an infection.

Wang was taken to the hospital in a state where his kidney function was severely affected and could barely stay in bed. In order to pay for Wang’s kidney dialysis, his family also fell into financial crisis.

Later, the stork bait and the illegal clinic that bought Wang’s kidney were arrested and had to pay him a sum of money to pay for the hospital. So far, seven years have passed but Wang still has dialysis. Going back to normal life was too difficult for him.

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