Self-driving taxi by Google passengers will be able to use WiFi and listen to free music - Photo 1.

Self-driving taxi by Google passengers will be able to use WiFi and listen to music for free

Google's Waymo self-driving service is looking to become different in the taxi market as it is competing with both traditional taxis, public transport, car calling applications and other self-driving services. The way Waymo uses it is to focus on providing facilities to attract customers.

The first facilities, being tested in Phoenix's Waymo cars include free WiFi and free music. Music is provided via Google Play Music and there are no ads. Passengers can listen through pre-selected lists or listen to their own music by linking Waymo and Google Play Music accounts.

The current WiFi service only supports a small group of users and these people are prohibited from sharing their experiences. Waymo said that with WiFi, passengers can work on a tablet or computer, which is especially useful when there is a rush to handle or on long trips.

The other facilities Waymo is trying to provide are air conditioning with the ability to keep space in the car at 22 degrees, a great advantage in the harsh summer season in Arizona. In addition, children's seats will also be equipped to make Waymo cars more family friendly. And finally, passengers can also charge mobile devices on Waymo vehicles.

Another advantage of Waymo is consistency. With the fleet of vehicles of the same design both internally and externally, passengers will feel familiar on every trip.

Currently, although Waymo cars still have drivers to prevent emergencies, these drivers are not allowed to talk to guests. For passengers seeking peace and quiet, the ability to move without interacting with anyone is a huge plus.

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