Disp.Url: self-destructing file share 1

Temporary file sharing currently has a lot of support services that Digital Experience has introduced many times. Disp.Url is a new service that also lets you share files that self-destruct after hits or set times.

Disp.Url is a free service that doesn’t need an account. In the first implementation, you follow the instructions as follows.

Step 1: Open a browser and access tury Disp.Url’s home page.

Step 2: You select the file to upload to the service by drag and drop or click Drop your files here.

You can select multiple files, but the maximum size is 8 MB.

Step 3: You set self-destruct conditions for file sharing.

Number of access: The file will self-destruct after x times of accessing the link.

– Expires in minutes: The file will self-destruct after x minutes.

Disp.Url allows you to use both and you should not leave them blank. The file will self-destruct after one of the two conditions completes.

Disp.Url: share file self-destruct 2

Step 4: You press Generate URL to upload fiel and get the link to share.

When the recipient accesses the link, press Access files and press Download to download the file. When the file self-destructs, there will be lines No Content Available.

Hùng Anh

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