Selections in Photoshop are what, why you need it, and tools to help you make selections

Selections in Photoshop are what, why you need it, and tools to help you make selections

Surely a lot of you will hear the term “Selection” or Selection when learning about Photoshop tutorials. This is a common term, but many new Photoshop users often confuse it. Today we will learn about it.


What is a selection?

  • Selection is an area of ​​space created by selection tools
  • The selection is an isolated area that when you do your editing, it will affect only that area.
  • The selection usually has a dashed line

Why do you need to make a selection?

Common reasons for making a selection are:

  • Change the look of part of an image by applying a filter or other effect to a selection;
  • Adjust a part of the photo by adjusting the lighting or color of the selected area;
  • Replace the background by selecting and removing the original background and adding another background instead;
  • Operate part of an image, such as copying or moving selected content.
  • Image collage

Selection tools

1. The Marquee Tool group


The Marquee tool is one of the most basic Photoshop selection tools. This group of tools helps you to create basic selections such as squares, circles, elliptical rectangles, …

2. Group the Lasso Tool


This group of tools helps you to create selections according to the action you draw, or drag with more intelligent features.

Lasso Tool

  • Used to Create any selection with rounded edges
  • Done by selecting the lasso tool. Hold down and drag the mouse according to the shape you want to create a selection. Then release the mouse button to create a selection according to the drawing
  • Often used to quickly add or subtract selections

Polygonal Lasso Tool

  • Use to create any selection with straight edges
  • Done by choosing Polygonal Lasso Tool. Click 1 point on the screen, drag to the second point and click. Just like that until complete. Connect the starting point and the end point by double clicking. Or drag the mouse on the starting point until the small circle in the lower right corner of the mouse pointer, then click.

Magnetic Lasso Tool

  • Used to create any selection with curved edges or straight. By comparing the difference in color points when you hover over the image.
  • Done by clicking a point on the image. Then drag the mouse over the area you want to make a selection. Photoshop will automatically calculate to create more points when you hover

3. Group the Selection Tool


This is the smartest group of tools to help you make automatic selections and make it easy to collage objects.

Oject Selection Tool

This is a new tool of Photoshop version Photoshop 2021 and above, Adobe has integrated AI into this tool, it makes it easy to create an automatic selection just by dragging to create an area around the object.

Quick Selection Tool

Create a selection automatically when dragging the mouse based on the similarity of the color parameters to the pixels you mouse over.

  • New Selection: create a new selection. After creating the 1st selection, draw the 2nd selection again: The first selection will be lost.
  • Add to Selection: After creating the 1st selection, draw the 2nd selection. The 2 selections will be joined together.
  • Subtract from Selection: After creating the first selection, draw the second selection. The second selection will be excluded from the first selection.
  • Brush size: Adjust the size and hardness or softness of the brush strokes
  • Sample All layers: Select all the colors of all visible layers.
  • Auto-Enhance: Reduces the ruggedness of the selection’s boundaries, softening the selection

The Magic wand tool

Used to make a selection based on the similarity of the color parameters to the pixels that you click, just one click will automatically create a selection.

  • Value Tolerance on the Option bar allows you to control the same range of shades. (Brighter or darker) than the pixel you click. This value varies in the range 0-255
  • Sample Size: The size of the pixel area you click.
  • Contiguos: Used to select the neighborhoods with similar color as mouse click pixels.
  • Sample All Layers: Select, click to select this option. The Magic Wand Tool will pick colors from all active layers. If you don’t click, the Magic Wand Tool selects only colors from the current layer.

Make a selection with the Pen tool


Pentool is a group of tools that help you create a selection precisely according to the details you require with the most precise angle. However, the operation takes a long time and requires you to have skills in using the Pen tool.


To make a selection using Pentool, simply draw paths and right-click and choose Make Selection.

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