Seismic near Iran's nuclear plant amidst the hot situation

Seismic near Iran’s nuclear plant amidst the hot situation

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                        Iran faces seismic pressure right next to the Bushehr nuclear power plant amidst the heat.

The earthquake struck early in the morning on January 8 (local time), about 10km from the city of Borazjan, Iran.

The Iranian factory is now known to be in a bad shape
A corner of the Bushehr nuclear power plant, Iran. Photo: Reuters.

Two earthquakes of 4.9 and 4.5 degrees, in Borazjan, respectively.

According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), a stronger earthquake occurred around 2:20 am (local time, 9.20 am Vietnam time) located about 10km southeast of Borazjan city.

The second earthquake struck exactly one hour later, more than 16km southeast of the city.

The earthquake occurred about 48 km from the Bushehr nuclear plant, at a depth of less than 10 km. This is one of the main nuclear facilities in this country. The first generating set at the Bushehr plant supplied power to the Iranian national grid in September 2011. The factory officially came into operation completely 5 years later.

In November 2019, Russia and Iran began building a second generating set at Bushehr.

The depth and epicenter of the quake showed it was natural and unrelated to Iran’s attack on the US air base in Iraq. A similar earthquake occurred in the area in late December.

However, the earthquake struck near the Bushehr nuclear power plant at a time when Iran was faced with a series of events, especially Tehran’s missile attack on the US base in Iraq in retaliation against Washington for the killing of General Qasem. Soleimani.

On the same day, January 8, the Boeing 737-800 of Ukraine international airline crashed and crashed after taking off about 2 minutes, killing 176 people including all passengers and crew. The cause of the incident is still under investigation.

International media still present the hypothesis that the aircraft was hit by a rocket while the person in charge of engineering of the Ukrainian airline confirmed that the aircraft was of good quality when departing because it had just undergone a check on January 6 and Without any problems, the crew is also experienced team.

Iran claimed to have found both black boxes but refused to deliver them to the aircraft manufacturer Boeing.

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