Seesaw's first mini store landed in Nanjing: selling nearly 500 drinks a day, store expansion or full acceleration

Seesaw’s first mini store landed in Nanjing: selling nearly 500 drinks a day, store expansion or full acceleration

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Seesaw, a creative specialty coffee brand from Shanghai, is accelerating its pace of expansion. The opening of the mini store is a landmark start. Not long ago, the country’s first Seesaw mini store was officially unveiled at Nanjing International Financial Center (Sun Hung Kai IFC). For this specialty coffee brand from Shanghai, the mini store that landed this time is not only their first show in Nanjing, but also the first appearance of a new store type.

As an extension of the commercial value direction beyond the Seesaw benchmark experience store, the core of the mini store is to explore the balance between the efficiency of specialty coffee and rapid iteration. In a previous interview with 36 krypton, Seesaw said that the mini store hopes to shift the focus of experience from space to product, and at the same time enhance the ability to respond quickly to the actual experience needs of consumers in specific scenarios, and explore the caching scene and online of specialty coffee. business.

With 8 years of experience in exploring specialty coffee, the mini shop model has been prepared for a long time, and it has been placed high expectations by Seesaw. The actual landing effect of the first mini store may have exceeded some people’s expectations.

Ping effect reached 10,000 yuan, Seesaw cut into the mini shop track

36 Krypton learned from Seesaw that this mini store is located in the lobby on the 5th floor of Phase I of the IFC, and the area is not large.The performance in the first month is 8,000 yuan, and the cup volume in a single day is up to 450 cups.In addition, the office building has just begun to move in, and there are more than 500 people in the building. After the Spring Festival, the shopping mall is expected to increase to 3,500 people, and the floor efficiency is expected to exceed 10,000 yuan.

Seesaw Nanjing International Financial Center Store

The store configuration of the Mini store is aptly named. Compared with the standard store, the mini store is equipped with 3-4 baristas. It has a simpler menu. It removes the hand-made coffee option that Seesaw used to be standard, and keeps four types.Classic Italian coffee, a variety of latte drinks, sparkling water, chocolateAnd other non-coffee beverages,There are only more than 10 drink skuIn addition, it also provides a rich and convenient selection of small meals.

As a representative brand of creative specialty coffee, Seesaw has specially launched Nanjing limited Jinling Osmanthus Latte for coffee lovers in Nanjing, and it has had a good response since its launch. According to the data provided by Seesaw, the mini storeUrban creative coffee sales accounted for more than 50%, which is the TOP1 single product in sales. And due to the blessing of meals, even the order rate has increased significantly.The overall customer unit price is 50% higher than that of ordinary office buildings.

Limited “Jinling Osmanthus Latte” at Nanjing IFC Store

This efficient landing partly benefits from the full application of business online. According to 36 krypton, online orders from mini stores accounted for 60%. In addition, takeaway orders accounted for 35%. This means that order efficiency is optimized while the store’s radiation range has further spread to the surrounding area.

The more flexible mini shop format has been a major exploration direction of the coffee chain market in recent years. More than 90% of Luckin’s stores are small-store-type fast-fetching stores, aimed at writing and white-collar coffee users. Starbucks also upgraded its takeaway coffee “coffee fast” business in 2020, increased its investment in takeaway and online business, and also expanded its coverage density for office buildings.

The successful landing of the mini store in Nanjing this time is only the beginning of Seesaw’s expansion this year, and the pace of its expansion is exciting.

Find a balance between commercialization and creativity

In addition to expansion, this specialty coffee brand, known for its creativity, continues to polish new possibilities for innovation.

36氪 learned that, in addition to the limited special tuning of the Nanjing mini store, Seesaw also launched urban creative special-tuned products at stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou and other first-tier cities at the same time, including the Shanghai IFC store limited The multi-gold brewed latte, Beijing-limited Fortune candied haws Dirty, Hangzhou Tianmuli store and Li Jiaqi’s popular IP NEVER’S FAMILY co-branded limited liquid apple pie latte, constantly trying to incorporate the local cultural elements of different cities into coffee products.

This constant collision of inspirations has made the popularization of specialty coffee culture more interesting and imaginative. Behind it depends on the polished products and creative scenes of Seesaw’s nearly 30 stores across the country. Including the Hangzhou Tianmuli store that was unveiled in October last year, Seesaw has been exploring the integration of high-end shopping malls and urban creative landmarks with specialty coffee in various cities, and has gradually established a brand awareness of creative life connotation and youthful fun experience.

The launch of the Mini store is a further penetration of Seesaw in the coffee cache scene.Up to now, Seesaw has launched three types of store types:Standard shop, Creating scenarios and innovative product experienceTheme store, And strengthen the cache and online scenemini shop. At the same time, thanks to the successful launch of creative coffee products and optimization of operational efficiency, Seesaw predicts that the same-store sales ratio can achieve a 50% increase in 2021.

Seesaw is still trying more possibilities to break the circle and engage in richer creative interactions. For example, on January 21st, ReflexDesign and the cutting-edge designer studio will launch the “Super Niu Reflex Ping Pong Gift Box” omni-channel, unlocking the coffee hanging A unique way of mixing ear bags, coffee beans, chocolates, and limited fashion surroundings. Thanks to the interesting application of creative elements, the first batch of New Year’s table tennis gift boxes were sold out by fans as soon as they were put on the shelves.

Seesaw “Super Niu Rebound Ping Pong Gift Box”

Seesaw also brought the idea of ​​the New Year’s gift box offline. Seesaw launched the “Super Niu Rebound Mobile Table Tennis Hall” pop-up event at Seesaw’s 755 store on Huaihai Road, Shanghai, adding huge table tennis rackets, wishing balls, mini games and more. Multiple playable experience elements.

How to use new channels, new products, and brand-new brand concepts to bring specialty coffee to a wider range of mass consumer groups has been one of the key directions of domestic coffee entrepreneurship in recent years. Among them, many of them have born boutique ready-to-drink coffees represented by three and a half meals, time brews, etc., which broaden the imagination space of coffee convenient scenes, and Seesaw has successfully created a unique cultural communication method of specialty coffee, offline creative experience and product strength. It is still the core barrier of the brand and forms a high user stickiness,The consumption of members in offline stores accounted for more than 70%.In addition, Seesaw has increased its innovation and investment in mini stores and online retail channels on the basis of the previous standard stores.

Judging from the development of the past year, Seesaw’s application attempts in this direction are gradually accelerating. In the specialty coffee market in 2021, Seesaw may enter the fast lane of omni-channel expansion.


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