Seeing that they said that the old man’s ring and the black soul were plagiarism, I realized how many two hundred and five hundred and five on the Internet

Last week was of great significance to soul game lovers all over the world. Because Miyazaki’s long-awaited “Eilden Ring” finally released a full-content trailer, and announced the release date in half a year.

The trailer is of high quality. In addition to the familiar soul flavor, it also reveals many new gameplays, such as jumping, mounting, and open world. Moreover, the world in “The Circle of Eldon” does not seem to be as dark as in Black Soul and “Curse of Blood”, with a touch of Celtic legend.

Such a good thing was disturbed by a discordant voice.

Just after the trailer of “The Ring of Eldon” was broadcast, many players found that many of the pictures inside were too much like the comic book “Legend of Sword Wind”.

Mysterious wolf knight and mad armor

An unfortunate coincidence is that Kentaro Miura, the author of “Legend of Sword Wind”, has just passed away, so the trailer of “The Ring of Eldon” coincides with the most discussed moment of this classic in recent years.

At this point, Hidetaka Miyazaki’s identity as the “Sword Wind No. 1 Fan” was dug out again. In the beginning, people were just playing tricks, ridiculing Miyazaki Hidetaka’s “urging” Miura with his work, and commemorating this manga master. But soon, as more and more people made comparison videos of Jianfeng and Hidetaka Miyazaki’s works, things started to go wrong.

Stitching monsters, plagiarism… Various slanderous nicknames appeared around Miyazaki Hidetaka, and more and more people took advantage of the situation to scold the old thief. They seemed to have been waiting for an opportunity to avenge the old thief and his fans.

As a result, the sword wind/black soul/blood circle that was living in peace has been provoked to crack. Now go to Jianfeng and Heixun’s posts, and you will find that as long as you mention each other’s work, there will be a high probability that it will trigger a quarrel, and you will not even be allowed to discuss each other’s meaning on your own territory.

The original works of art that came down in the same line, but because of a group of trolls being divided, it is really a bit sad.

So, is Hidetaka Miyazaki really copying “Legend of Sword Wind”?

This is actually a problem that has long been discussed. Initially, the overlap between the domestic fans of “Dark Soul” and “Legend of Sword Wind” fans was very high. Everyone knows that Hidetaka Miyazaki got a lot of inspiration from Sword Wind, so the black soul is either external or internal. , You can see the shadow of Jianfeng.

The old thief said in the interview that Jianfeng is a work that has a huge impact on the black soul.

To cite a few common examples, in Dark Soul, we can see many art designs similar to sword style, from scenes to monsters and NPCs. For example, the following:

Crazy Magus and Artreus (both sword winds on the left)

Onion knight and knight bazooso

Classic mobs in the two works (both derived from medieval punishment)

Two important blacksmiths

In addition, some weapons, and even attack actions, can find “prototypes” in the sword wind.

Jianfeng Riggs’s signature moves

The classic tumbling and hacking of the black soul rial Terius

All in all, as long as you have seen Jianfeng, you will often have a strong sense of sight when you play Black Soul. Moreover, the dark and desperate worldview in the black soul and the obscure and mysterious historical background are all reminiscent of sword style.

But in fact, Miyazaki Hidetaka’s reference to the sword style is accurately grasped on the scale of tribute. He did use a lot of elements in the sword style, but not as many people thought. The reason why some people really believe that the old thief is “holding a sword wind copy” is probably because of the works they come into contact with, only sword wind and black soul belong to the category of dark fantasy.

To see how the Black Soul and the Ring of Eldon were born, we have to read the Western fantasy of the 1980s and 1990s.

After all, George Martin has become Miyazaki Hidetaka’s co-writer (although Martin said that he has not participated in game development for a long time, and the script has been written a few years ago), how can this style be bypassed in the works of the old thief What?

Now, I would like to mention a theory that is not often cited and is not remote: Miyazaki Hidetaka, George Martin, and Kentaro Miura are actually the same group of creators in the same wave, and their works are very much in essence. Proximity is homology rather than plagiarism. And they can respectively represent the leaders of the three art forms in that wave.

And “The Ring of Eldon” may be regarded as a crystallization of the creative ideas of these three people, even if Miura himself did not participate in it.

Too many people have talked about the comparison between Miyazaki Hidetaka and Miura. Moreover, the “soul scholars” at home and abroad have approached their limits in terms of quality and length of discussion on this topic. So let’s broaden our vision a little bit now and focus on the entire fantasy world.

Modern adult Western fantasy began with “Lord of the Rings”, a work from the 1950s that “ruled” Western fantasy for nearly 40 years. Subsequent “Dragon Spear”, “Wheel of Time”, “Dungeon and Dragon” and so on, although each has its own characteristics, but generally did not break away from the framework of “Lord of the Rings”.

Another example is Japan’s “The Battle of Rhode Island”

Occasionally, there will be a writer like Ursula who has innovated science fiction, using “Legend of the Earth and Sea” to innovate the fantasy style. But even such works have not broken away from the model of “Lord of the Rings”: they are all heroes’ adventures on the fantasy land.

This kind of reign did not really encounter a revolution until the 1990s, and the culmination of this revolution was Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Martin reduced the fantasy elements in his works to an extremely low level, and turned the subject to an extremely adult historical drama, turning the protagonist of Western Fantasy from a magical world into a human, and the overall tone is extremely dark and cruel.

If you pay attention to the Western Fantasy World, you will find that before the ice and fire, people are learning the Lord of the Rings, after the ice and fire, people are starting to learn the ice and fire. The story has changed from the hero’s adventure on the fantasy land to the anti-hero’s struggle in the dark world.

Black Soul is also a story of an anti-hero struggling in the dark world

Then, who is the counterpart of this revolution in Japan, it is Miura.

Miura’s “Legend of Sword Wind” was born earlier than “Song of Ice and Fire”. The first movie of Ice and Fire did not come out in 1996, while the series of Sword Wind began in 1989.

At that time, it happened that Riman was at the end of the last golden period in the West. At that time, the reason why Japanese comics could conquer the West was partly because its adult content filled the West’s demand for youth cartoons.

Jianfeng, Gunmeng, JOJO, Beidou Shenquan and other Japanese comics that have a huge impact on Europe and the United States are all products of the 80s and 90s, and that era corresponds to the decline of Disney before “The Lion King”: Disney and Barbie Dolls cannot capture the hearts of young people, and DC, which has only begun to blacken, cannot fill the market, so a large number of young people/adults are flooding into Europe and the United States.

Nagai Hao’s “Devil Man” is considered to be the forerunner of this wave

Jianfeng is one of them, and it is one of the original creators of modern dark fantasy. “Legend of Sword Wind” tells the story of two men Gus and Griffith. They were once the head and generals of the mercenary group, but they parted ways under the provocation of fate and desire. In order to gain strength, Griffith sacrificed the entire mercenary group, thus opening the legend of Gus’s revenge against him.

Jianfeng’s style is extremely yellow and stormy, the world view is dark and desperate, and the plot is cruel and merciless. Moreover, its story style is unique: Except for the prologue, Jianfeng depicts the process of how a realistic world like the Middle Ages is eroded step by step by the dark world of high magic.

This picture marks the transformation of the world, and one of the most shocking and cruel fragments in Japanese history: the eclipse.

Have you noticed that this sounds a lot like “A Song of Ice and Fire”? That’s right, in the age before the black soul was born, in the related post bar and the “Dragon Castle” forum, the work that Jianfeng was most easily compared was Binghuo. All kinds of “plagiarism” you hear today, you can find similar things in Binghuo and Jianfeng more than ten years ago, and they are still boring after so many years.

Does this style that has gradually turned from the realism to the dark and magical in the Middle Ages has its origin? Yes, the more famous is the “Black Mercenary Group” which was born in 1984.

It is time to write a mercenary group that is constantly changing, a legend on a dark magical continent; the origin of the mercenary group of Jianfeng may be closely related to it

This is one of the originators of the dark fantasy. The protagonist who subverts the positive image of Weiguang, treats the high magic world as a dark line, and the large number of deaths of the main characters… these dark and fantasy characteristics can find seeds in it. Its obscure and secret description of ancient evil things may have affected Black Soul and Sword Wind.

Martin said that “Memories, Sadness and Thorns” inspired Binghuo, but in fact, despite some of the settings in this set of books, his story style is still biased towards “Lord of the Rings.”

What did these 30 years ago have to do with the black soul? Of course it is closely related, because at the time when this dark fantasy wind was the hottest, a poor boy was stepping from his youth to his youth. Because he was born in poverty and didn’t have much entertainment, so he spent the whole day reading books in the library.

You can surely guess who I am talking about.

Now there is a strange saying in the game circle: “Soul games” appear out of thin air. It’s like starting from “Devil’s Soul”, Hidetaka Miyazaki has a style from scratch.

That’s why there is a mockery of the origin of all things, the black soul

“Devil’s Soul” and “Dark Soul” do have a lot of groundbreaking settings, but the reason why their aesthetics and overall style appear to be maverick may only be because the trend of dark fantasy has passed. In terms of its worldview setting, aesthetics, overall tone and line style, we can all find similar things in the dark fantasy wave at the end of the last century.

In fact, even the iconic narrative style of Black Soul is not unique to the old thief. And you may be surprised at who else can find this “fragmented vague narrative” style-George Martin.

Of course, you can also say that it comes from Kafka

At first glance, this is a very unreasonable thing, because Martin’s narrative is known for its detailed and comprehensive description. In the ice and fire, even if a knight’s supporting role has only appeared a few times, Martin will give him a detailed itinerary, and it will secretly affect the various events we see on the surface.

But you must know that Binghuo was something Martin wrote again after he closed his pen for a time. It is very different from his original style. It is not an exaggeration to say that they are different from each other. And his original writing style can be summed up as: under the setting of a world of size and detail, there is a small story composed of fragments. You can’t see what the whole background is, but it will be like a passing ghost. Generally intrusive.

For example, his debut novel “The Passage of Light” is a story that takes place on a planet that is about to be destroyed. The main plot is fragmented and crude, just a hunt involving several characters.

Martin’s “The Passage of Light”

But Martin created a terrifying background setting for this story, which was his early worldview called “A Thousand Worlds”. At the end of the book, there is a setting description that accounts for 1/3 of the whole book. To this short plot, there are tens of thousands of years of background stories involving hundreds of planets (most of them are useless).

It’s like the black soul world that gave birth to “soul studies”

A world that is about to lose its light, a group of lingering people, a futile struggle, a mysterious and distant ancient era, a blazing wheel that is dying in the sky, the unavoidable advent of the dark age…I guess it is just a list of these settings in “Light Passing Set, it will remind you of spreading fire.

Conceptual image of “The Passage of Light”

Putting the name “Light Die” on “Dark Soul” is not that contradictory.

The following “Wind Harbor” is similar: the protagonists are on the verge of changing times, and the resentment accumulated over generations is about to break out in the form of war. However, behind the huge worldview is an ambiguous script, even a bit unfinished.

“Wind Harbor”: A story of a winged race and a marginal man who flies on artificial wings

The black soul’s narrative method of hiding the huge worldview in fragments works well in the game, but it is not easy to put it in the novel. This is one reason why Martin’s evaluation of many books before Ice and Fire was relatively mediocre, and perhaps why he had to seal his pen.

Compared to the 9+ points of all players, it’s a lot worse

From Martin alone, we can find a lot of dark souls. It’s no wonder Miyazaki Hidetaka would say “Martin is a person who really understands “Dark Souls”. Not to mention the other dark fantasy works of the time. Some of them can clearly see their influence on the black soul. It is only limited by the space, we can’t elaborate too much.

For example, Gene Wolf’s “Book of New Days” series, which is a famous science fiction and fantasy in the 1980s, is that the sun is gradually being swallowed by black holes ten thousand years later, human civilization is seriously declining in the dark, and the protagonist shoulders the awakening. The important task of “New Day” embarks on a journey. This is a classic work of overseas black soul fans that is recognized as a colossal black soul in all aspects (including narrative style). Martin once commented that there will be many imitations of this book in the coming years (the picture is a conceptual illustration).

In fact, putting aside Martin’s early works, even if you only read the original work of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, you can smell a bit of black soul. It is only because the adaptation of the series greatly dilutes the mysticism of the original film, and the tone of the later period has become more and more Hollywood blockbusters, which makes people misunderstood.

And back to Jianfeng, we can also see each other in Martin and Miura. The yellow storm and dark atmosphere of the sword wind, the entanglement of palace battles and demons, burned more vigorously on the ice and fire; and the seven gods and worldview in “Larendauer” written by Martin in 1978 reminded one of the sword The hands of the five gods in the wind.

The romantic and cruel “Larendauer Elegy”

Because they are all in the same line, in their time, they are a group of creators trying to break the inherent conventions. Those creators learned from each other’s works, gradually incubating their own styles, breaking through the mainstream’s inert and plain aesthetic bit by bit, creating a dark fantasy golden age.

And it is very likely that the young Miyazaki Hidetaka took the torch in the library and relied on his talent to reignite the fire today when the influence of the dark fantasy is waning.

The old thief said that he was deeply influenced by early dark fantasy works

Perhaps this fire should have belonged to the wave of the 1980s and 1990s, but people at that time were limited by technology and could not continue the flame in movies and games. Nowadays, technology has brought new possibilities, so we have seen the Dark Soul and “The Ring of Eldon”.

There are no castles in the sky. The real masters need to know how to build new palaces on the basis of their predecessors, and only idlers can ridicule. Miura has passed away, but Gus’s story may continue; the dark fantasy era has passed, but it is being reborn. This is the truly meaningful treasure.

Miura, Miyazaki Hidetaka, and Martin, they are masters and innovators in their respective fields, but now people are just arguing about plagiarism and who made something first. Rather than clamoring for plagiarism and arguing to refute the defamation, it is better to calm down and study the story behind the game with us and discover more good works.

After all, everyone should belong to the same hobby circle, so why bother against each other. Wearing a hat to slander and insult, or leave it to the stunned villains in the dark fantasy.

Author: Monster Circus
Source: BB Ji


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