seed4 2 - How to register for a free Seed4.Me for a year - free to visit Facebook fast
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Seed4.Me registration for 1 year free

The day before, in the article “If you still go to Facebook late at night, you have to try this trick”, Digital Experience has introduced you to the service for free with lots of different VPN locations and has Very good speed. However, in case you want to use a more advanced service, ensure a better connection, this article shows you how to sign up for a year’s VIP subscription absolutely free.

One of the advantages of this service is that it supports most platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android, etc. and supports up to 25 different locations, which is very convenient when you need to view information or videos that are restricted. for example, country restrictions on YouTube.

First, go to the registration page here, enter your email and password to create your account, However, it is very important to note that on the right there is a Promo Code section, please fill in one of the discount codes below before clicking sign up (because after signing up you don’t have anywhere to enter the Promo code). The below codes lucky you will have 6 months or 1 year for free, hurry up.

seed4me - How to sign up for a free Seed4.Me for a year - feel free to visit Facebook super fast

  • BF2019
  • Iran19
  • share19
  • CM2018
  • BUZZ99
  • downloadhr

After registering with this promo code, you have a free year (valued at 34USD). You can download the app from multiple platforms and log in to your account for a year of free use.

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