See who He is, episode 11

See who He is, episode 11

Please join us to see who he is, episode 11 aired on Friday evening, January 11, 2019, this week we will meet the beautiful girl Cat Nhien, 23 years old who had sad stories about love. In this episode, will the girl find the best guy on the show? you guys watch it together

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Last week in Who He Was episode 10, the girl was supported and helped by the advisory board to choose, but listening to her heart chose not the right single guy. This week the advisory board will be absent from the beautiful Huong Giang and replaced by 4 advisor singers Vu Ha, Will 365, actor Lan Ngoc, BB Tran.

See who he is, tap 11

See who He is, episode 11

See who He is, episode 11

You guys follow the previous episode

See who He is, episode 10
In life, we often encounter many beautiful love stories, and also many sad stories, but every sad will pass and life will be very beautiful if we are happy and happy. Besides these interesting entertainment programs, you have to follow more programs such as Super Surprise, Lightning Fast, Comedy Challenge … Please follow the Comedy Challenge season 5 episode 13 to have The most interesting smiling guys.


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