See the "super" supercar of Gia Lai Team in America

See the “super” supercar of Gia Lai Team in America

After a journey that caused a stir in the US with 10 red supercars painted with a Vietnamese map, Gia Lai Team has received a lot of attention from both international and domestic public.

This is not the first time that Vietnamese supercars have appeared in the framework of international racing. Since 2010, in many battles, there have been “glimpses” of expensive cars with Vietnamese maps. However, because the number is still very small and there is no such impressive car, it has not attracted much attention.

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Only to the Goldrush Rally award taking place from June 2018 to 2018, when the journey has 100 super luxury cars, there are 10 (1/10 of the total number of participating cars) painted maps of Vietnam, Gia Lai Team that really caught the eye of media and super-luxury car enthusiasts. In fact, Gia Lai Team does not have only 10 supercars, only the founder of the team, Vinh Ho, also owns a lot of expensive cars such as Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari F430 Spider, Buttgati, McLaren …

Apart from Vinh Ho, the remaining members of the Gia Lai Team are mainly Viet Kieu from the same homeland Gia Lai and a few “giants” in the country. The total number of members in “Team” is up to 50 people with a full set of super cars from many different brands. Vehicles are mainly registered with sea 81 of Gia Lai. In it, there are many super beautiful seas like Roll Royce 81A- 8888 of a very famous Viet Kieu, Cuong Gary.

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Most of the cars participating in Goldrush Rally have been “re-tuned” according to the set of Liberty Walk. The car is designed with extremely masculine black paint and adds Vietnamese maps to the body or hood with the bronze gold Gia Lai Team Logo. In other parades, a collection of super cars from Audi, McLaren, Mercedes Benz … also appeared in all colors and extremely attractive and impressive.

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It can be affirmed that the appearance of the Gia Lai Team not only created an echo for the Vietnamese in the world of super luxury car enthusiasts, but also demonstrated the level of “willing to play”, “willing to spend” of the Viet Kieu, Vietnamese giants. After a successful 2018, in 2019, Gia Lai Team is planning to participate in major car parades in the US and other regions. Until then, luxury car enthusiasts in Vietnam will have the opportunity to see first-hand the precious Vietnamese collections.

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