See the process that this guy cleaned up a super dirty car that gives off a really good feeling - Photo 1.
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See the process this guy cleans a super-dirty car that gives off a great feeling

Most of us like cleanliness, but life does not now give us enough time to clean the usual things. Vehicles are one of the dirtiest things that we don't notice, especially cars with dirt and garbage that easily fall into obscure corners.

Recently, the owner of an Audi TT Mk1 in the UK accidentally dropped a bit of rice in the car and decided to clean up the whole car because it was too dirty. Videos cleaning cars always make us fascinated when watching because we expect the difference between before and after cleaning, as well as the hygiene process is very attractive and this video is no exception.

The process of cleaning the car includes removing the seats, cleaning the inside with a cleaning solution and then using a large-capacity vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet, one of the most difficult to clean ingredients. The exterior of the car was also "reminiscent of beauty" with polishes, and finally, the car looked like a "dead body", from being filled with dirt, became brand new.

Clean super dirty car

Audi TT Mk1 launched in 1998 and stopped production in 2006, which is also being considered by Audi to stop production completely because of low sales, the latest model is Mk3 launched in 2014. Therefore, if you This guy wants to keep the Mk1 for a long time, so take care of it carefully.

Reference: Japlonik

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