See the development of Chinese indie games at the WeGame Trial Festival

On April 23, the WeGame platform opened a grand online player event-“Game Night”. This is a game launch event that focuses on the game itself and opened in the form of a classic “game broadcast”.

In the promotional video after the official launch of the conference, the multiplayer joyful competitive game “Party Animals” took the lead. Although this game is still in the development stage, it has become a well-deserved hit when it was opened for testing. And followed closely, such as the multiplayer co-op game “Come to the Bowl”, “Tired Man” which sells a spoof physics simulation system, “Box Fission” which allows players to create their own gameplay, and the main siege. Gameplay, many high-quality games of “Super Realistic Siege Simulator” that pits the two armies against each other.

In the one-hour “broadcast” session, more than 30 games have appeared one after another, and even game makers have appeared on the scene to introduce players to their ideas when creating games. However, for the majority of players, although watching the dazzling array of games in the “broadcast” link, it is always surprising. But what makes them more refreshing is a line of small characters that appeared under many game demo sessions-“Start the trial tonight at 8 o’clock.”

This is the WeGame Trial Festival that will run from April 23 to May 5 following the “Game Night” promotional video game display session.

For this demo event, I have a fair evaluation-if you want to know what the development of Chinese indie games are, don’t read some news comments like “When will domestic games stand up?” Go to the Trial Festival, pick a few of the 16 games currently open to play, and play for an hour, and you will have the answer.

As of the day of drafting, thousands of test qualifications have all been in rush. Although the test qualifications of some popular games have been robbed, the authorities have released new qualifications, but there is still a sense of demand that exceeds demand.

Among the 16 games that participated in the trial festival, some of the works not only successfully attracted the attention of many players, but also were still in the testing session with a low degree of completion, and received a lot of praise from the players. Let’s take a closer look. Among the 16 dreams with different forms, those “top students” who are still “hatching” but have already emerged.

If we pick out the works with the most traditional Chinese cultural characteristics among these 16 works, then “Movies of Ink Shadow” and “Tian Shen Zhen” with completely different gameplay are undoubtedly the two best works with the most Chinese characteristics.

The theme of “Movie Heroes” is our Chinese player Men Erqing-Wuxia. But it is not the kind of “martial arts” that is raised as the master by the exercises, but a unique one that you may have never seen before, but when you see it, you feel “unexpected and reasonable” Types of.

Some players gave it the nickname “Martial Arts Edition Reversal Referee”.

Well, we all know what a “reversal referee” is. This interactive detective novel game, which was born in 2001 under the supervision of Japanese game producer Qiao Zhou, has now become one of the most shining stars of Japanese AVG.

But what will the “reversal” of the martial arts version look like?

In fact, this is no stranger.

As long as we have seen some martial arts works, we will know that the world of knights is not barbarous enough that the fist decides everything. How to help oneself or others get rid of their grievances under the conspiracy and tricks of the villain is often the essence of the main story.

“Shadow of Ink Shadow” chose a more extreme way, portraying a male protagonist who does not know martial arts, protected by his own personal guard. This kind of development is not unfamiliar to us, the predecessors Bao Qingtian and Di Gong are like this.

Players obviously like the novel form of martial arts game “Shadow of Ink”, so it is not difficult to see on the evaluation page of the WeGame platform, “Shadow of Ink” has received 647 reviews, and the expected value is as high as 7.9/10.

Compared with the movie “Shadow of Ink Shadow”, which focuses on the theme of knights’ decision, “Tian Shen Zhen” chose to restore those traditional Chinese myths in the game. Many traditional Chinese mythological characters, such as the Feng Bo Yu Master who calls the wind and the rain, the Land Lao Er who is always played by Monkey King in “Journey to the West”, and the King Yama, who is in charge of the life and death of all things, are all in the “Divine Power System” of “Tian Shen Zhen”. Show magical powers and help players complete the management of “Tianjin Town”.

In addition to the authentic restoration of Chinese traditional myths, “Tian Shen Zhen” is also praised by players for its “garden aesthetics” “decoration” system. Although it is possible not to consider aesthetics for the sake of effect, under the unique ink painting style of “Tianjin Town”, most players will involuntarily regard “beauty” as one of the layout elements.

As a result, under the guidance of the production team intentionally or unintentionally, “Tianjinzhen” has 681 reviews and an expectation value of 8.5/10.

If “The Trail of Ink Shadow” and “Tian Shen Zhen” are new era independent game makers who explore how to reflect Chinese cultural elements in the game, then “Dark Forest” is undoubtedly Chinese science fiction fans. An unexpected surprise at the Trial Festival.

Born out of the “Dark Forest Law” of the “Three-Body” world written by science fiction writer Liu Cixin, “Dark Forest” has created a “three-body” world that can be “played” in its own way. Because the atmosphere of the game is based on the concept of “cosmic sociology” which is the essence of “don’t answer”, “communication benefits are lower than attack” and “technical explosion”, whether players have read “Three Body” or not, they will shudder because of the deep meaning behind these concepts. .

While creating a “cosmic horror” atmosphere, the gameplay of “Deep Dark Forest” is firmly established on the basis of the 4X game “exploration, expansion, development, and conquest”, providing players with sufficient game content, and in the future After it is officially put on sale, and the “Creative Workshop” and “Multiplayer Mode” are installed, this game will surely have greater potential.

Players have not spared their own ratings, they are obviously very optimistic about the future of “Dark Forest”. Although the number of reviewers is a little lower than that of “Movie Warriors” and “Tian Shen Zhen”, which attract more Chinese players, with only 261 reviews, the expected value of 8.8/10 exceeds the two previously mentioned. Paragraph works.

However, the biggest dark horse of this trial festival is not “Deep Forest”, but a “Floating Life in the Workplace” that focuses on leisure development and tries to see the status quo of contemporary workers from the game.

The name of “Workplace Floating Life” obviously pays tribute to a 2001 game “Beijing Floating Life”, which is a game that describes how the North drifters in the early 21st century worked and survived in the prosperous capital, because It truly reflects part of the social status quo at that time, and it has been remembered by former players to this day.

After the past 20 years, today’s “workplace” is naturally completely different from the previous “workplace”.

There are many ways to cultivate in “Workplace Floating Life”, most of which are based on “playing cards”. Players’ praise for this game, in addition to the development of the gameplay, is mainly concentrated on the small details that highly restore real workplace life.

As far as the workplace is concerned, all kinds of colleagues will have their own stories; as small as the current open programmer career, there will be some problems that look like bald heads. It is these details, large or small, that provide players with a smooth and fun “workplace simulator” experience.

This also allows this game to have a total of 3,924 player enthusiastic reviews, and a super high expectation value of 9.5/10.

At the same time, considering the players’ love of the live broadcast format, the WeGame platform is also in the demo festival, inviting many players’ favorite anchors, in a more witty and humorous, but also full of dry form, let the games on the demo festival be played. Be “seen” by more players.

In the 12 days from April 23 to May 5, the WeGame Trial Festival will continue to be held. In this grand event, it is not only the players who benefited, but also the developers of many domestic independent games.

In the process of playing and experiencing the game, all games participating in the trial festival will have a trial area on the WeGame platform. In the demo zone, the “expected value” scoring system and the zone for recording players’ trial experience are both effective channels for game developers to collect player opinions.

The content of the feedback from the players is varied, there are debugging suggestions based on the game experience, the brains for the future development of the plot, and a large number of optimization suggestions on the gameplay.

When all kinds of player demands were posted on the demo area, the developer team quickly noticed these demands and optimized them immediately.

Taking “Tianjin Town” as an example, when a player in the demo area gave feedback similar to “The click on the medical museum science tree is invalid”, the “0427” patch of “Tianjin Town” has solved the problem.

Only one day later, the special area of ​​”Tianjin Town” appeared in response to player feedback and suggestions, and the “0428” patch that optimized the “accelerated growth usage”. The demo areas of other games also showed a good atmosphere of “player feedback-the development team accepts feedback and processes it immediately”.

Obviously, for game developers, it is a rare “pre-war preparation” to obtain players’ opinions directly before the game is released. Riding on the east wind of the “Trial Festival” activities, a large number of opinions from different players interested in the game will be of great help to the future development of the game.

In this process, the WeGame platform will undoubtedly act as a bridge between players and developers.

A bridge of communication.

Looking back at the entire event, we can see that in the WeGame’s “Developer Reading Comments” link, the developers confronted the players’ many opinions on the quality of the game, and showed their actions in the update logs continuously submitted in the demo area. Sincerity to the players.

At the same time, the introduction and trial play of the game by the anchors, and the introduction of the ideas of the developer on the game design also allow more players to learn more about the many domestic games that appeared at the trial festival from a diversified perspective.

For the player community, the role of the game platform is similar to the small shop in childhood. Players have to choose the one they like the most on the weird shelves. But the role of the platform is far more than that. For developers, it obviously has more meaning, such as opening up the communication channels between developers and players, and reducing the cost of “checking and filling vacancies” in important aspects of game development.

It seems that this is exactly what WeGame is doing-to become a bridge between players and developers, so that the growing flower of domestic independent games can grow up healthily.

Author: Lian Po
Source: 3DM


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