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See the camera motion slide – Trend is very hot in the smartphone market

If you name the 'cool' technologies applied to smartphones in recent years, then surely the trend of equipped with selfie camera system (also known as 'sticking out') will stand head.

This type of design solves the tricky problem: How to get the screen to reach all the edges, but not losing the 'selfie' camera that is extremely important to today's youth; It is also a fancy feature, different from traditional smartphones.

The aforementioned design was first applied to the OPPO Find X. This is an ambitious product of Chinese smartphone company, equipped with the most advanced configuration at that time, from Snapdragon 845 processor, 8GB RAM watering 256GB internal memory.

But the most memorable product is the sleek design, curved screen accounts for 93% of the front area due to the camera system mentioned above. The selfie camera is placed in a separate 'plate', only raised when the user takes a photo or unlock it with a face.

The camera 'sniffing' is changed a bit with the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 – also another high-end product from China. Instead of using the motor to automatically bring the camera at the same time, it has a spring system so that users can slide it up manually. This design makes Mi MIX 3 a pretty interesting toy (fidget toy)!

In the beginning, the camera 'stuck out' was only applied to high-end product lines, so it was not accessible to ordinary users. But this year, some mid-range smartphones such as the OPPO F11 Pro have also been equipped. Owning a front-facing smartphone (which OPPO calls a Panoramic design) has become easier, users no longer have to spend big money like before.

OPPO Reno with selfie-type shark camera

The latest product possesses that unique design, and is also a much-awaited smartphone OPPO Reno (along with a more advanced version is Reno 10x Zoom). Not only at the application of sliding cameras, OPPO Reno also raises it to new heights by changing the shape of the 16MP selfie camera set.

This part is shaped like a piece of Pizza, or similar to the fins of a powerful shark instead of a small square "piece" like the previous products, making the camera 'snuggle' the sea into one component. of smartphones, thereby increasing the aesthetics of the device much.

Smartphone is no longer a tool anymore, but also becomes a jewelry to show off the personality of users, so the innovations on OPPO Reno are very important.

The system applied on Reno also has very high durability, according to OPPO announced that it can be opened up to 300,000 times, ie if the machine opens 80 times a day, the mechanism will work perfectly for 10 years.

Besides the unique shape camera, OPPO Reno also has a full range of high-end features such as the high quality Super AMOLED FullHD + screen (without any defect, of course) or Snapdragon 710 processor or 855, powerful rear camera system with 48MP main camera and potential camera zoom 10x.


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