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See if there’s anything new last week

This will be the last compilation of the year of the Pig, bro. Play around for a week to see what’s new.

1. HSBC covers fraudulent transactions

From 06/01/2020, HSBC brings new services for Premier World MasterCard and Visa Platinum cardholders as fraudulent transaction insurance, for both primary and supplementary cardholders. This is a service that HSBC cooperates with PVI.

This service applies to spending purchases, online transactions and ATM withdrawals.

Insurance coverage is as follows:

2. Grab changes GrabRewards mechanism

Previously, if a trip that GrabBike and beBike had the same price, I would favor Grab. If at a cafe that both pays for MoMo and GrabPay, I will prioritize payment with GrabPay. Because the value that GrabRewards gives back to each transaction is nearly 5% for my Platinum rank.

As of January 22, 2020, GrabRewards will change the scoring mechanism which in its opinion is less favorable for users than the old policy, specifically as follows:

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Time to maintain reward points is shorter: only 3 months

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Platinum GrabRewards benefits

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How to calculate GrabRewards points for each service type

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Grab’s “Deal” on GrabRewards is also different, I’ll write another article to analyze this case later

3. ZaloPay shook hands with VPBank

From now on, ZaloPay users can deposit and withdraw money with VPBank accounts. In addition, after a long time now, you can pay with ZaloPay when buying on Tiki again.

4. Shopee supports image search

Instead of typing words to search, Shopee now brings a new experience with image search. Do you often use Shopee, play around to try it out!

5. Tinh’s profile page has a new interface

You see your profile page on Delicate to see anything new?

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Well, this range for preparing to clean the house for Tet. Happy New Year brothers! (vuhoangtam)

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