Sea Breeze – 2021: NATO sends a signal to Russia?

Sea Breeze – 2021: NATO sends a signal to Russia?

Ukraine is actively preparing for the joint exercise Sea Breeze – 2021 with NATO. This is the biggest exercise in years. The Russian side has stated that it will closely monitor the exercise and said that the US and NATO have other purposes when pulling troops to Ukraine.

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Ukraine and NATO are actively preparing for the Sea Breeze – 2021 military exercise.

The Sea Breeze exercise has been held on Ukrainian territory every year since 1997. However, Sea Breeze – 21 is still unknown how many people will participate. Along with the Ukrainian armed forces, soldiers from 27 countries, mainly members of NATO, will take part in this exercise. According to Ukrainian media, about 4,000 troops, 40 warships and support ships, 30 planes and helicopters, as well as more than 100 ground equipment of the Ukrainian army will take part in this exercise.

The main purpose of the exercise is to establish interaction between Ukrainian troops and NATO troops. According to the scenario, the coalition group will participate in stabilizing the crisis situation caused by the activities of illegal armed groups.

The navy will coordinate to form a multinational force, organizing interactions with ground forces and air forces. On the ground, the forces will participate in the planning of operations of the headquarters in accordance with NATO standards, the transfer of forces and equipment, and the conduct of the coastal attack. The Air Force will conduct aerial reconnaissance, attack targets, and transport troops and cargo.

The exercises will take place in two phases. Phase one, starting from June 28, will see command and communication posts deployed, battle planning, and battleships and aircraft deployed at bases. In the second phase, allied troops will attack surface ships and submarines, attack ground targets, and organize air defense and anti-submarine warfare.

This exercise took place right near the Russian border. According to the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov, said that Russia has planned to monitor the exercise and is ready to deal with any possible situation.

“The exercise will be conducted in the context of Western countries constantly accusing Russia of building up military potential on the southwestern border,” Konashenkov said. Moreover, NATO, under the guise of military exercises, plans to transfer weapons and ammunition to the Ukrainian army.

Konashenkov also emphasized that, although this is not a naval exercise, the naval forces are very concentrated and operating in the Black Sea area.

In particular, participating in the exercise are special forces from other countries. They will participate in the joint performance of parachute and helicopter assault missions, as well as the landing in a secret area.

The British Daily Mail newspaper said that this exercise coincides with the Russia-US summit talks scheduled to take place in Geneva in mid-June. Therefore, NATO is deliberately flaunting maritime power. troops and send certain signals to the Kremlin.

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