Image 1: Scottish police start hacking into smartphones

Scottish police start hacking into smartphones

Scottish police have just acquired 41 Celebrite machines to quickly access the content of accused, suspects and witness smartphones. In a video, she details her device and the measures taken to guarantee respect for privacy. According to Celebrite, his machine could decrypt the content of any mobile, we have reason to doubt.

The encrypted content of smartphones seems to pose fewer and fewer problems for government agencies. They are more and more numerous to be equipped with systems capable of unlocking a mobile and extracting its content. In turn, the Scottish investigation services have just invested almost 600,000 euros to acquire 41 such machines. Scottish police released a video to introduce the new equipment and detail its use cases when it was commissioned.

Baptized ” Cyber ​​KioskThe system consists of a machine from the Israeli firm Celebrite which is already widely used around the world. The FBI used this device in particular to access data from the iPhone 5c of one of the authors of the San Bernardino shooting in 2015. For obvious reasons of confidentiality and respect for private life, the police video Scottish explains the details of the procedure, and how it is framed.

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Cyber ​​Kiosk under close surveillance to guarantee respect for privacy

As part of its investigations, the Scottish authorities can seize the smartphones of accused suspects, but also simple witnesses. Thanks to Cyber ​​Kiosk, investigators are granted access to specific mobile content for given periods. They are not saved, but all operations are recorded for trace the activity of authorized agents. If they detect something useful for the investigation, the smartphone is sent to a specialized investigation service. According to the Scottish authorities, the device must facilitate their investigative work, but also greatly speed up the procedure.

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Can Celebrite and GrayShift really access any smartphone?

The video does not explicitly show the unlocking an iPhone, but according toCelebrity, the system is able to access data from any smartphone, including the most recent. Recently, its competitor GrayShift and its machine GrayKey allowed the FBI to access the content of an iPhone 11 Pro Max. If Apple’s smartphones have no secrets from them, why are President Trump, the FBI, and several US prosecutors putting so much pressure on Apple? Two tracks seem possible: either these companies do not manage to access all their data, or the American authorities try to force the collaboration of Apple in the event that the firm corrects the security vulnerabilities of its devices.

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