Scott Pilgrim – The Importance of Stores, and Their Offers (by Level)

We said it in our article on unlockable characters (read below), Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition is not a conventional beat’em up. It incorporates a big notion of RPG type progression, as in River City Ransom / Street Gangs / Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari, depending on the region in which you had played there.

As in the latter, the progression in Scott Pilgrim is done through various and varied stores, scattered over the levels. Only, and always like in River City Ransom, when you walk into a store, you don’t necessarily know what effect the article will have (food, records, equipment…) that you select. It will then be necessary to grope to know what effect this or that item will have on your characters.

This will all depend on which trait you prefer to boost over another. The more expensive items will increase your stats faster and in greater numbers. There are 4 of these: the Force, the Speed, the Defense, all this speaks for itself, and finally the Will, which allows you to deliver special attacks, but also to return to combat in the event of a knockout if you have enough Flight points.

All these stores also offer you, at more or less high prices, and at the same time boosting your characters mentioned above, products which will give you back your vital energy and “mana” (some are even to take away) and will bring you a defined amount of XP, in order to gain levels and thus obtain new attacks.

Come on, it’s the sales, let’s go shopping!

Level 1 of the game Scott Pilgrim includes an entire street of shops. You will come back often if you want to improve.

The first store that you will meet will be a video club, in which Scott has a large debt. You will have to coal to repay it, because it is over $ 500. But if you succeed, you will then have access to particularly tempting offers, such as extra lives under 5 bullets or the Aliens vs. option. T-Rex which will directly increase your Strength of 20.

For the same price, not expensive, brother, another proposition, the 7 Shaolin Monks, will directly boost your 4 stats by 10. Good plan.

The second store is a tea room, nice to regain life points.

The third establishment is a Tex-Mex restaurant, and it will be important for you to come back often because it will mainly be used to upgrade your Strength (with quesadillas) and your Defense (with burritos).

Crossing the street you will come across a Mini-Market, also nice to regain Life and Will for not too expensive.

Comes next a rest of sushi, nice to regain energy, but a little poor level of evolution of statistics, despite the price of certain items (yes, sushi is expensive).

After that, a little tour in a record store. The items are not cheap, but will boost your stats well. For example, a 17-ball Smashing Turnips (haha) disc will give you 8 Strength points, and one of the Crash and the Boys (haha) will give you 8 Speed ​​points for $ 15.

Last stall in the shopping street, a library. Books cost the skin of the rolls, from $ 12 to $ 25. Forget the first one, but the next 4 will increase you by 10 one of the 4 stats, in order: Def (ens), Vit (esse), Vol (onté), and Str (ce). So, read on!

In this internship there is one store that is easy to miss. When you arrive at the tunnel after the shopping street you have the choice between going through the top or the bottom. At the bottom you will find a star on the tunnel wall. This is a store. The prices are monstrous. You can catch there, if you are armored, an extra life for $ 50, or even 50 Force for $ 130. Your choice.

Level 2 begins, after 2-3 crazy photographers, on a sales caravan. Not much to find in there, other than some life energy that you would have lost with the previous boss fight. Each dish will get you one of your stats by very little (around 1 point).

This is a store that sells merchandising on the sidelines of the Clash at the Demonhead concert. You will be able to find very nice things there to increase your stats, like the cap (6 Def, 7 Vol), the T-shirt (8 Def, 8 Vol), or the bracelet (2 Def, 3 Vol). You will also be entitled to snacks to boost your health.

After your pleasant bus trip (half of your mission), you will come across a Japanese restaurant. The first 4 courses will increase you, in order, your stats by 2 points in Vit, Vol, Def, Str. The last one, which costs more, will increase by 3 Str and 3 Def at once.

Scott Pilgrim team

This one is not easy to find, it is located on the emergency exit after the Halloween party. At the same time, there isn’t much crazy to nab there. The kebab will give you 2 in Str, the hamburger, 1 in Str and 1 in Def, and 2 in Str and 3 in Vol for the filet mignon.

After the tunnel store at level 1, that of stage 6 is the second hidden shop in the game. To find it, you will first have to cross the park, until you find a clearing where 4 glandus are stagnant for no apparent reason. Between them is the internship store.

Not much to glean in this skill level, except … the Special Technique 2, which you have been waiting for since reaching level 16. It will cost you around $ 58.

Last ad before the end of the game, haha, report to the director of the film Scott Pilgrim… In short. This place will serve you to best prepare for the final battle. By then, you should be full-set, but just in case, he will offer you, in addition to giving you back your life and your stamina, an item at $ 24.95 which will bring you 4 points from each of the 4 categories mentioned above, enough to refuel before the last boss …

Here is for you, dear readers; like in River City Ransom, the items found in stores are not clearly explained, so if this little guide can help you… Happy fights, friends!


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