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Scott Pilgrim – Bosses (you know, the ones we work against)


Everyone was waiting for him, he is here again: the beat’em up dedicated to the Canadian work is now available on our (more or less) recent devices. From his full name Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – Complete Edition Finally brings us some hot chestnuts, in these cold and rainy times, and we were waiting for its comeback since its initial release in 2010.

We recently mentioned for you in these columns crucial elements related to this ancient game which is part, in our opinion, of the flagship of the fighting genre, such as the stores (very important for this RPG-type game) or the secret characters to unlock . Now is the time to tackle the spinal cord of this work: its bosses.

Spinal cord why? Because all that concerns Scott Pilgrim is centered around Ramona’s 7 ex-companions (yes yes, we should write ex-companions in our fragile world), whether in comics, in the film, and therefore, of course, in the game, where they act as end-of-course bosses.

Bosses that can be quite punitive, unless you have upgraded the characters’ of your character of choice (Scott, Nega Scott, Ramona, Stephen, Wallace, Kim or Knives). Either way, you’re going to eat your noses full the first time you encounter these rather ferocious enemies, especially if you’ve opted for a higher difficulty level than the basic easy. We help you with the task.

Small reminder: you will not see the life bar of your enemies displayed. Only an increasingly rapid orange blink will tell you how close you are to victory.

He is a boss that you will break down every time you go through this stage to access the stores afterwards, but the first time, he is likely to be a problem for you. Ramona’s first ex supposedly wields the psyche, but concretely, you just have to attack him repeatedly, while avoiding his faux-hadôken, and being aware that he can leap to the other end of the line. screen when it suits him.

Once well started, he will place himself in the middle of the screen and summon 4 demons, who will turn around him to protect him. Do not try to attack him, he will be invincible. Get right next to the demons to hit them, instead. Thereafter, it will summon another 2 more, which will swing salvos, but they will not be a problem for you if you stay at the bottom of the screen.

Lucas himself isn’t too painful. But he sometimes uses mobs to come and eat your head, and that’s a hassle, especially as their number will increase if you play with several people. Some are photographers who block you momentarily, others are crazy skaters who come from right and left of the screen.

Don’t hesitate to jump to eliminate all these little people, but be careful, if you knock out a skater Lucas Lee may take his board again, and it becomes much more complicated to hit. It will mostly go zig-zag and you won’t be able to hit it during this time.

Scott Pilgrim Lucas

  • Stage 3 : Envy / Lynette/ Todd

An ex fight, since Envy is an ex of Scott Pilgrim, and Todd is one of Ramona’s 7 exes. The fight begins with a clash against Lynette, the drummer for The Clash at Demonhead. She teleports a lot, and if you’re playing solo, you might want to focus on her (as a duo, you can also take care of Envy, who stays behind).

Beating either of these ladies will give you the opportunity to fight Todd, who, after easily busting him in the Guitar Hero-type game, will take you through entire rooms smashing doors, before facing you in outside.

Todd can be quite unpleasant to face. He’ll parry most of your hits with some sort of vegan shield, deliver electric bursts like Blanka, and be able to throw a heavy attack a la Tetsuo de Akira at you. Ho, and defeating him will grant you an extra life, and that’s cool.

Scott Pilgrim The Clash at Demonhead

Roxie is the fourth evil ex you’ll have to face, and she comes to conclude a particularly boring level, sorry for the word. She is a kind of ninja who is able to multiply in 4, so be careful not to stay on her course when it is the case.

She is also able to disappear leaving a wooden log in its place, like any good ninja, and she also has an extendable blade sword like Ivy in Soul Calibur. Roxanne is one of the fastest characters in the game, and in multiplayer, she can bring ninjas with her to block out player attacks. It also comes at the end of a very suckful internship, so blow his face.

Scott Pilgrim Roxanne

  • Stage 5: The twins, and their robots

The twins make up Ramona’s fifth and sixth ex in Scott Pilgrim (what’s wrong with this girl, seriously ??). Before facing them, you will have to destroy their robots.

The first is a small enemy, much like your character; it does not present much problem, and you will find several of them later as a classic enemy. The second is much more massive.

Here you are dealing with a giant robot type Goldorak, which will attack you, either from close up with its massive hands, or from afar with missiles or a devastating ray. Your priority will then be to destroy the robot’s arms, which will attack you relentlessly, and even risk grabbing you, in which case you will have to hammer the button to free yourself.

By using evasion and violence, you will occasionally gain the upper hand over this war machine. Try to come full-health and with a heal item, because this dirt will sometimes recede into the background before raining missiles on you, almost impossible to dodge due to their randomness.

Once all these machines are defeated, the twins, Ken and Kyle, are not that big of a challenge. You just have to be careful not to let them get together, because they have one or two group attacks. If you finish one, also note that the other will try to revive it. But if you’ve done a good job, by the time you get there, you’ll be well off and these guys shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you.

Nega Scott, we already talked about it in our article on hidden characters, it’s the dark version of Scott Pilgrim. A dark character and quite violent, but who does not constitute in the game too much of an opponent, insofar as at this point in the game, we should already have acquired a lot of skills, whether in defense, attack or still in will.

Nega Scott is a quick and brutal opponent. It has a fireball, which you can dodge using the dedicated controls, either down, down or up up. He will also not hesitate to use his special attack 2, a knee kick that hurts a lot. And besides, it’s very fluid and will happily avoid your simple hits, so don’t hesitate to push it to its limits. Anyway, come well armored with acquired defense to the first store of stage 1, after paying your debt, and it will go cream.

Seventh ex of Ramona, Gideon is not going to let himself be taken down without a fight. After all, he’s the final boss of the game. Much like the one-wing angel in FF VII. It will go through three phases for which you will need to be well prepared, so a tip: come with your 4 stats (Flight, Def, Vit, Str) at 100%, otherwise you will row a bit.

Super Gideon is the first phase. He has the ability to make himself invincible, so when he turns pink, don’t try to attack him, or you’ll be the one to take the quiche full. Sometimes you will see it leave the screen; you will then receive a meteor shower, so watch out for shadows on the ground to dodge them upstream. Or, you will receive a giant meteorite towards the end of the fight, so since it will fall where Gideon left the screen, quickly flee the spot.

Gigadeon is the next version of this enemy. He’s a gigantic lower body monster made up of the giant heads of other exes, and he’s going to make you drool for a while. A word of advice: don’t forget to pick up the saber planted just before the fight, as it distributes considerable damage.

At the start of the fight, the heads will continually try to prevent you from approaching by throwing energy balls at you. They are quite slow but since you are close, dodging them is a punishment. Never mind, always move forward, and don’t forget to pick up the sword every time you fall, and to slash that manure as soon as possible with it.

Once the heads are defeated, you face the upper body; the monster protects his heart with his arms, so we have to wait for the opening. Not easy, given that he also uses his arms to deliver you gypsy potatoes that throw you off the screen; moreover, as the soil is gradually destroyed, there is hardly any room for action left. Courage, and hoping that your stats are at the max as said above; if not, shut up a bit before coming, and buy the extra life blind at the first store in stage 1.

Gideon, finally, you will seem much more fair to play, especially since it does not fill half of the screen, but is a character like yours. Which isn’t to say that the fight will be a walk in the park, because it’s very fast and has ranged attacks sometimes preventing you from coming and sticking a mandal or two to it. He can even counter your own attacks, which will deal quite a bit of damage to you. Patience and observation will be the key words. Courage: this is the last fight before seeing the end of the game Scott Pilgrim ! That you can not wait to finish again with another character! Have a good fight, friends …

NB: There is also a boss who appears randomly on the map, Mr. Chau, but we had already mentioned it in our article concerning the hidden characters of the game.



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