Scientists have developed a 5400fps ultra-slow rotary camera that works like a human eye - Photo 1.

Scientists have developed a 5400fps ultra-slow camcorder that works like a human eye

A group of scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) recently published its work, about a special camera named after 'Event camera', has the same mechanism of action as the human eye.

Previous camcorders operated on a continuous shooting principle, usually at 24, 30 or 60 frames per second to create motion when replaying. Event cameras will not 'capture each image', but only record changes in light on pixels.

This means that the camera will not have to capture repeating images, take up space and processing power – thereby increasing the range of light fluctuations, speed of feedback and not creating blurring.

Video test camera system 5400fps

The ETH Zurich system also has machine learning intervention, which helps to identify smarter and more precise movement, no longer having to craft like the previous systems. As a result, the video is 20% higher in quality, and achieves an image speed of up to 5400fps to create super slow slo-mo video.

This technology is still not popular, because it is still being tested by scientists, but it will certainly play an important role in the technology of creating specialized camcorders for slo-mo video, or even Only applicable for smartphones.

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