Scientific proof: Birth month has an impact on human health and personality

Scientific proof: Birth month has an impact on human health and personality

Do you know how the birth month affects a person’s health and personality? Join us to find out in this article!

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Modern science has shown that the planets on Earth actually do not have any effect on human life. However, the results of a few recent investigations indicate that Depending on what season we are born, it has different effects on our lives and our health..

So how do we know what effect our health and personality do when we are born? What are spring, summer, autumn, or winter things people should look out for? There are many questions that we have tried to put together to answer for you. More, based on your date of birth to know what you can do in the future. Invite you to consult!

Why does the month of birth affect each of us?

Why does the month of birth affect each of us?© profivideos

In a year, women can receive a different amount of sunlight. Scientists from Budapest believe that a lack of sunlight can affect fetal development in the womb.

It’s even more surprising that each person’s birth month has an effect on the amount dopamine and serotonin in the body – two main hormones that induce happiness and relaxation.

Besides, researchers from the University of Alicante, Spain have determined about relationship between a person’s birth month and predisposition to 27 chronic diseases and health problems.


People born in winter usually less hot-tempered and irritable people born in another season. Since January is a time of receiving less sunlight, people born around this time tend to suppress their emotions and experience depression.

People born in January are also susceptible to stomach ulcers, constipation, low back pain (in men), heart attacks, migraines and menopause problems (in women).

However, people born in January are up to three times less likely to develop thyroid disease than those born in September.


People born in February should pay attention to thyroid problems, arthritis, cardiovascular disease (in menand thrombosis – the phenomenon of blood clotting in the blood vessels (in women).

Date of birth


All of those born in spring tends to live happily, always in a good mood. Especially those born in March, April and May often become optimistic and cheerful.

Men born in March can have asthma, cataracts and heart problems; And women should pay attention to problems with rheumatism, arthritis, and constipation.


Men born in April are more likely to have osteoporosis, thyroid disease, and asthma. While women should be cautious with diseases such as bronchitis, tumors and osteoporosis.


Men born in May can develop asthma, depression and diabetes. Women can suffer from osteoporosis, constipation and chronic allergies. Also, people with birthdays in May tend to experience depression just like people born in December.

The season of birth


People born in the summer often have a positive outlook. However, they tend to change their moods on a regular basis. In rare cases, Frequent mood swings can progress to psychological disorders such as bipolar disorder. These frequent mood swings are the exact opposite of those born in winter.

Men born in June are more likely to develop cataracts, chronic bronchitis, and heart disease. Women may experience rheumatism, incontinence and arthritis.

Men born in the first month of summer are 34% less likely to experience depression and 22% less likely to experience back pain. At the same time, women born in June are 35% less likely to have malformations and 33% less likely to have migraines.


People born in July often suffer from asthma, arthritis, goiter, and chronic neck pain.


Men born in August often have conditions such as osteoporosis, asthma and thyroid disease; while women may experience rheumatism, arthritis, and thrombosis.



Those born in the fall are often irritable. But luckily, thanks to so much sunlight, those born in September, October, and November are not more likely to experience depression or bipolar disease.

All people born in September may have osteoporosis and thyroid disease. Men can have asthma; And women may have a tumor. However, the good news is that people born in September are less likely to experience chronic illnesses.


Men who are born in October often experience thyroid problems and migraines; while women are anemic and have high cholesterol. Both men and women born during this time can develop osteoporosis.


Men born in November often have chronic skin problems and heart or thyroid problems. Women may experience heart attack, constipation or venous disease. However, women born this month have no problems during menopause.


Men born in the last month of the year may experience cataracts, depression, and heart problems. Women can suffer from asthma, thrombosis, and chronic bronchitis.

Popular jobs by month of birth

Popular jobs by month of birth

In addition to the distinct personality traits and common illnesses, here are the occupations that people often pursue because of the month of birth:

  • People born in January can become tax collectors / debtors,… or brokers.
  • People born in February can become artists.
  • People born in March can become musicians or pilots.
  • People born in April can become dictatorial bosses.
  • People born in May can become sportsmen or politicians.
  • People born in June can become CEOs or scientists.
  • People born in July can become contractors, drivers or artists.
  • People born in August can become contractors or politicians.
  • People born in September can become high achievers or athletes.
  • People born in October can become politicians.
  • People born in November can become criminals “reputation”.
  • People born in December can become dentists or humanitarian.

The above investigation results are for reference only, not fateful or irreversible. The first is due to the different weather conditions in each country. Second, each person is growing up in his own way, forming his own personality and taking care of his own health. It depends on each person, whether you are born on Christmas, National Day or Mid-Autumn night.

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