Science fun: What is your favorite coffee flavor that reveals the secret about who you are?
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Science fun: What is your favorite coffee flavor that reveals the secret about who you are?

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Are you a loyal fan of coffee?

Do you need coffee to stay awake at work, study and even relax?

Have you ever really noticed the meaning behind the coffee you are holding in your hand? Coffee can tell more about its owner than you think. Do not believe it? Join us to find out what your favorite coffee flavors reveal about who you are!

What secret does your favorite coffee taste reveal about who you are?

Coffee and … psychology?

Some psychologists believe that the type of coffee you drink daily reflects certain characteristics of your personality.

Professor of psychology Ramani Durvasula at the University of California, Los Angeles, who received the award “Professor of excellenceIn 2012, a study of more than 1,000 coffee users was conducted, in order to find out psychological signs and personality based on the results supporting the thesis. Professor noticed People often have a lot in common with their favorite kind of coffee.

Not only did psychology professor Ramani Durvasula carry out this study, Harvard University also embarked on studying the biological correlation between humans and favorite drinks.

In this study, the author of the paper found some correlation between the way he drinks coffee and his personality traits. Also, when thinking about everything he knows about people who often drink coffee, they realize a clear relationship.

This research is extremely interesting. Hopefully you will have fun reading it. Let’s see what your favorite coffee flavor is!

Pure black coffee: Simple, straightforward, quiet and moody

Pure black coffee

Among coffee lovers who participated in the study, those who used black coffee often did Simple lifestyle and patience. They dislike roundabout and like straightforwardness in everything. For them, minimalism is the book – a feature we can all use more.

However, these people are quite quiet and moody. They don’t want to be disturbed much by the world around them and like to do things on their own. Antisocial attitude is also an outstanding feature in them.

If you are a fan of black coffee, you probably have a simple lifestyle. You don’t need fancy clothes or fancy jewelry. You like simple things in fashion and life; tend to be quiet and can sometimes be prone to mood swings. Your openness and openness make people want to be with you.

Espresso: Bold, strong, adventurous but a bit arrogant


Pure black coffee is inherently bitter, but it is still not enough for those who like the passionate passion of espresso. Espresso Coffee is a kind of dark coffee prepared by hot water under high pressure through fine coffee powder. Therefore, its taste is very passionate and certainly the patrons of Espresso will not like to drink any kind of sweet coffee.

The personality of these special guests is reflected in the drink they order: bitter and passionate, but a bit arrogant and excessive. In addition, they are also those who love to experience and adventure to new lands.

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Cappuccino / Frappuccino: Catch up the trend, take risks, pursue perfectionism, sensitivity


If you love the sweetness that comes from the cappuccino and eye-catching cream bubbles of Cappuccino, you’re an extrovert, catching up with new trends and looking forward to any of them. “risky train“of life. But unfortunately, you always requires perfection – thing “tacit“destroy your ability and give you contentment.

In addition, you are quite sensitive and easily stressed by any small thing in life.

Blended coffee: Creative, imaginative but impulsive, prone to stress

Blended coffee

Those who like to drink this type of coffee blended often are guests who often sit quietly in a familiar corner, make friends with books or headphones. They themselves have a bit of a dreamy, romantic artist. They are also the most creative of all coffee user groups.

However, just like ordinary artists, we can see these guests are very strange and impulsive, whimsical.

Decaf coffee – low in caffeine: Be cautious, observant but easily obsessed, like to control everything

Decaf coffee - low in caffeine

Why do you like to drink this kind of coffee? Perhaps it is due to the pure taste of coffee, not because of its health effects. Regular guests of this low-caffeine coffee always have a sophisticated look at everything around. However, they tend to be obsessed with small, detailed objects. They like to control things to reduce stress when in a passive state.

Instant coffee: Ambition, hard work / laziness, water to the feet

Instant coffee

Depending on the individual’s reason, they may choose instant coffee, which may indicate that either you are busy and need a cup of instant instant coffee to stay awake or maybe just because you are too lazy – the type who usually waits for water to reach his feet. If you like this instant coffee for its convenience, are you too busy or lazy?

Leave your comments below to let us know what kind of coffee you like!

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Having fun!


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