Scholar: "Four great tactics" for Taiwan's fight against the CCP

Scholar: “Four great tactics” for Taiwan’s fight against the CCP

The US general election is over, the Biden administration comes to power, a new order of international relations revolving around the restructuring of US-China relations. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) provocative actions against the United States, and the cultural and military threats of Taiwan have also escalated recently. While the international order is facing the current restructuring period, how should Taiwan confront the CCP and maintain its unique competitiveness? This article summarizes the analyzes of Mr. Duong Hao, an expert on international affairs.

Taiwan military image. (Photo: Carlos Huang / Shutterstock).

After Mr. Biden took office, the CCP has continuously increased the concentration of military harassment in the Taiwan Strait and South China Sea. From January 28-31, Chinese military aircraft launched round-the-clock harassment operations, while the Taiwanese military was on high alert.

Mr. Tang Hao, a scholar of international affairs, believes that these aggressive measures of the CCP not only provoke the bottom line of the US-China relationship in the Biden administration, but also intentionally probe how the Biden administration could respond to the Taiwan issue.

He thinks how Taiwan can find the right defense strategy in the era “Post-American election”, especially the defense strategy outside of the military force, has become extremely important. Because this is not only related to the social security and well-being of Taiwanese people in the future, but also the security and stability of the entire East Asia region.

1. Taiwan is the first island chain of geopolitical and civilized values

News commentator Tang Hao mentioned in a famous speech held recently that Taiwan plays a role as a “standard” and a “punctuation” in the process of opposing the CCP’s hegemony in the free world. The confrontation between Taiwan and the CCP is not just that “First island chain” in terms of geopolitics (the field of study of the impact of geographic factors on the behavior of nations and international relations), but also “The first island chain of civilized values”.

Mr. Tang Hao believes this statement is very accurate, whether it is the confrontation between Taiwan and the CCP, between Hong Kong and the CCP, or the confrontation between the United States and the CCP, in fact, this is not “Nationalist confrontation” good “Confrontation causes division of the nation” which the CCP claims. It’s essentially a confrontation between values ​​and civilization, “That is, a confrontation between the values ​​of the free society and the communist authoritarian values.”

In other words, the most striking difference between Taiwan and the CCP, is not the difference in achievement, but the difference in human perceptions of humanity and morality, i.e. valuable.

He points out that communism and socialism value superficial efforts on achievement on data, but completely ignore morality. Various achievements are achieved by destroying humanity, renouncing morality, sacrificing many human lives and tears. Therefore, Taiwan is not only at the forefront of the first island chain geopolitically against the CCP, but also in the position of the first island chain in defending the values ​​of free society.

2. Taiwan must firmly oppose the CCP

Professor Ming Cu Chinh of National Taiwan University emphasized that current anti-communist voices in the international community are very strong, and that Taiwan is the main fulcrum in the confrontation between the United States and China. “Therefore, Taiwan must stand up to communism, if not against communism, we really have no future.”

Mr. Tang Hao said that indeed Taiwan, from the government to the private sector, needs to attach special importance to this issue. The CCP repeatedly persecuted Hong Kong and Taiwan, persecuted the Uighurs in Xinjiang, and threatened European countries, Australia and Southeast Asia. This type of bullying is no different from thugs, helping the international community to see the face “Fake, evil and fight” of the CCP.

Taiwan not only suffers from threats and pressure from the CCP, but also has to uphold its values ​​of freedom and human rights, not compromise with the CCP, and strictly carry out epidemic prevention. Taiwan even exports a large number of masks and disease prevention supplies, helping other countries. This is in stark contrast to the CCP.

“Taiwan is like a mirror of love, eliminating the CCP’s hypocrisy. At the same time, it helps the international community to be more aware of Taiwan’s values ​​and more ready to support Taiwan ”. Mr. Tang Hao said, Taiwan is not only “To take a politically anti-communist stance”, the more important thing is to stand on the “anti-communist stance in terms of civilization and important values”, “because all the values ​​of the CCP are in contrast to the commune. assembly is normal and deviates from the universal values. “

Therefore, only by staying away from and side by side with the CCP, can Taiwan gain the recognition and support of the free world, does Taiwan have a wider international space, with many national friends. to improve their status and security. On the contrary, the closer it gets to and obeys the CCP, the more Taiwanese will lose its connection with the mainstream people of the world, and increasingly difficult to associate with international friends.

3. Taiwan must clearly define the hostility of the CCP and not delusional about the CCP

Mr. Xiao Tan Hoang, President of the Taiwan Asian Exchange Fund, pointed out in his lecture that, from the past Nationalist-Communist wars and the CCP’s persecution and persecution against the West. Tibet and Hong Kong, can be seen that “The CCP is an unreliable government, unable to trust, and to trust them, there will be risks.”

Mr. Duong Hao believes that although Mr. Tieu Tan Hoang’s speech is very simple, it is very profound, “If you don’t believe it, look at the pro-communist parties and politicians in Taiwan. Most of them are becoming fuzzy like bubbles and marginalized. The basic reasons behind are actually the same: They believe in the CCP and take the enemy as their father. “

He emphasized that the tactics of the CCP’s solidarity front that the people of Taiwan are facing, will only increase, not decrease. Therefore, Taiwan must make a clear distinction that the CCP is the real threat to Taiwan, and a common enemy of everyone in free society. In the world, it is clear that only the CCP considers Taiwan “enemy” and repeatedly insisted that this country “Will not give up fighting against Taiwan by force.”

Therefore, people in Taiwan, necessarily not to trust the rhetoric of the CCP and the pro-Chinese communist parties, do not consider the CCP as an ordinary, can-trust friend. Also should not be delusional about the CCP, such as “The CCP will get better” or “The CCP will democratize”, “One country, two regimes” will be performed, etc. These are just the CCP’s big foreign propaganda and foreign deception tricks.

4. Taiwan’s economic development does not necessarily depend on the CCP

Mr. Ta Kim Ha (Hsieh Chin-ho), a famous Taiwanese financial expert and chairman of Caixin Media Group, pointed out that last year, Taiwan’s annual economic growth rate was 2, 98%, nearly reaching 3%. It is one of the best performing economies in the world, surpassing China for the first time in 30 years.

Mr. Ta Kim Ha also mentioned that, some people always say: “Taiwan’s economy will only thrive if the cross-strait relations are good.”. But this is not necessarily true, he said. “Cross-strait relations have been good for the past 30 years. But the people and money in Taiwan were lost to China. Of course, Taiwan’s economy won’t be that good either. ” However, for the past two years, the cross-strait relationship has been very bad, but Taiwan’s economy is still developing very well.

Mr. Duong Hao believes that Mr. Ta Kim Ha’s observations do indeed point to an important point: Taiwan’s economic development does not necessarily depend on the Chinese market, or the charity front. unity of the CCP. “Taiwan just trying to maintain its unique competitive advantage, especially the competitiveness that the CCP lacks, will help Taiwan’s economy maintain a certain level of autonomy and support. development of Taiwan in the future. “

For example, high-tech research and development and intellectual property rights, these are the things that the CCP lacks and is pursued by countries around the world. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) wafer technology is the best example. Taiwan also has a free, fair, and rule of law social environment, as well as a transparent and safe epidemic prevention environment that the CCP does not have.

He emphasized that this does not mean that Taiwan does not need the Chinese market at all, and that businesses do not need to grow in China. Not such extreme thinking, but a reminder that Taiwan may have other options, to maintain a certain level of economic autonomy, to escape or reduce threats. and limitations of the CCP. At the same time, avoid the CCP’s economic unity front rapidly destroying Taiwan and achieving its goal “Forced surrender by trade”.

Moc Xuan, Vision Times

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