Scheduling content on professional Instagram is a free resource

Scheduling content on professional Instagram is a free resource

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Professional Instagram offers a Creators Panel digital content, filled with management tools to implement user productivity. Among them, there is a resource for scheduling content. He is a hand in the wheel for those who do everything alone in their business, optimizing and managing the time to create and publish content. Check in this text how schedule posts on Instagram for business.

  • What is the Creator Panel on Instagram

  • Who can use the Instagram Creator Dashboard

  • Scheduling is simple

    • Program date and time

    • Follow the publication

What is the Creator Panel on Instagram

It is a resource where professional account administrators can find everything needed to create and control the content posted and to be published. It is an exclusive and free tool for professional account profiles.

It is worth remembering that, if you have not yet converted your personal account to a business account, it is very simple: exclusively from the app on mobile phones – Android and iOS – in the personal account profile and choose Edit profile > Switch to professional account and create a profile for your company – category, bio, etc. This change is free.

Who can use the Instagram Creator Dashboard

Any administrator of a professional account can use the tools offered on the panel, without restriction, to publicize products and services through the photo network.

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Scheduling is simple

The procedure for scheduling a post on Instagram is straightforward:

  • The Facebook Creator Studio can be accessed from any device – cell phone or computer – click on the Creator Studio link> click the blue button To start:

  • In the open interface, click on the Instagram icon at the top center to access the panel with the tools:

  • Now, with the creation page displayed, click the button Connect your account:

  • Log in to your account now converted to professional, informing the registered data (username, e-mail or cell phone, through the open dialog:

  • You will enter the Creative Studio, with access to the content creation panel by the blue button Create publication in the left side menu, choosing between two options Instagram feed or IGTV:

Choosing, for example, to publish in the Feed, the dialog box opens where you must create the content – text, image, video, etc.

Program date and time

With the post ready, click on down arrow on the blue button Publish. Of the open options – Publish now (standard), Schedule and Save as draftcheck Schedule, to define the date and time of publication of the created content:

Follow the publication

To check the status of publications, go to Content library > Publications. You will have the report of all posts, including the one you just published, with the mention Scheduled, in green, with the scheduled date and time on the right.

You will be warned by push notification and email when the content has been posted.

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