Scams when buying used cars are common

Scams when buying used cars are common

How to avoid being fooled when buying a used car? Discover the following popular scams that will keep you on the alert.

One of the things that many people wonder about Should I buy an old car or not it is fear of being deceived, afraid of choosing the wrong car. This fear is not unfounded because nowadays tricks and tricks in buying and selling used cars are becoming more and more sophisticated, buyers need to be extremely vigilant.

Scams when buying used cars are common

1. Lie about the car’s condition

Rarely is a seller who is 100% honest about the condition of his car. When you buy a used car, you will certainly see or hear convincing advertisements such as car covers that have not crashed – no accident, painted “zin” car, car without water attack, engine has not been broken … Actual situation, it will be difficult to know without proper inspection.

Buying a used car should be wary of lying about the car’s health

2. Lying about the car’s origin

Lying about car origins is a very common trick to buy used cars. When selling a car, almost everyone always says that this is a family car, rarely used, very well maintained … But in fact it is very likely that the car used to run the Grab taxi service, the car was stolen, appropriated. , smuggling … The offers are always “winged”, if the buyer is too subjective, it will be easy to fall into the trap.

3. Rewind the odometer

This is a very popular trick, almost 50% – 60% of used cars for sale have been rewinded. There are cases where the car has traveled 200,000 km but was rewinded only 100,000 km. So when buying a used car check the vehicle odometer very carefully, combined with observation and assessing the vehicle’s condition. Do not rely solely on kilometers for pricing.

4. Lie about car maintenance history

When selling a car, everyone says that the car is very well maintained, genuine parts replacement maintenance, never repaired outside … However, do not rush to believe that please check the warranty – maintenance vehicle. If the buyer is hesitant to supply it, it is likely that the car does not have the recommended “clean” maintenance history.

5. “Tear” first with the vehicle assessor

This is one of the most common car buying scams. When buying a car, in order to accurately assess the vehicle’s condition, people will often find a mechanic or an old car inspection service to assess the car.

Many people are deceived when buying second-hand cars because the seller “gags” with the car inspector before

However, it is possible that the mechanic or the old car inspection service has “eaten” from the seller to “bypass” you. This is usually the case old car had an accident, Used cars used to run services, old car is hydrostatic, old car is rewired by speedometer …

The above technique can be applied similarly when buying used cars. To buy a used car at low price, the buyer will “eat” with the appraisal party calculate the value of old cars as low as possible.

6. Get a “stake” and run away

Although the amount is not too large, this is also a trick when buying used cars is very popular that buyers should be wary. Not only individuals that sell used cars, but even used car shops can use this trick.

Specifically, after seeing the car, satisfied with the car, the buyer made a deposit, but then the seller “disappeared”. So, you should pay attention even to the dealer. Documents and receipts are required when making a deposit.

7. Make fake car papers

Cars of unknown origin such as smuggled old cars, stolen cars, vehicles appropriated from self-driving car rental services … will be forged by the subjects to sell at high prices. The tricks of counterfeiting car papers are increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect.

Because it is a fake document, the sale and purchase can only be confirmed through a handwritten transfer or authorization letter. The seller and the buyer cannot make the sale and purchase contract notarized and carry out the procedures for changing the name of the car in accordance with regulations. This is why there is so much advice that when buying and selling second-hand cars, go through the name-change process. Do not just use the power of attorney because there are many potential risks.

Making fake car papers is a very easy scam to buy and sell cars

8. Swap the car’s papers

This type of work is also called “husband dead” car. The old cars, cars with serious accidents … will rarely buy or buy cheaply. Therefore, fraudsters will swap the vehicle’s papers for smuggled, stolen cars … by “shooting” again. frame number, the phone number is the same as the one on paper and for sale. The “shot” of the chassis is quite easy. Just grinding away the old gear layer, putting it back and shooting the new gear up, is very difficult to detect the frame number, the engine number of the car has been faked.

9. Pledge to “molt” the car

This is one of the “spectacular” scams of many places selling used cars. Accordingly, the subjects will buy cheap cars of unknown origin. Then bring back the frame number and engine number, identical to the frame number, engine number of a car of the same model, same life, same color … are available. Next, they will pledge this “fake” frame car at the bank to collect a sum of money.

The next step, when someone wants to buy a car, the seller will offer the price equal to or higher than the price pledged a little. To explain the lower selling price of this market, they will present some very convincing reasons such as financial problems, bankruptcy … so they need to sell urgently to repay debts.

Customers who pay money to the bank, take the papers and the car will completely trust and have no doubts about the car’s origin, even lucky to buy a car at a bargain price, until registration. just discovered the truth. As for the vehicle whose chassis number and engine number has been copied, the owner only needs to report the loss of papers to remake and sell to other customers.

10. Sold the car but still hold the debt

Not a few cases buy a car with installment payment The bank has not yet paid off, but for some reason must sell the car. At this time, the car is often sold at an attractive price, along with the agreement that the buyer will continue to pay the remaining loan to the bank.

When selling a car that is still on installment payments, pay attention to the clear handover of the remaining debt at the bank

However, the handover is not clear, leading to the buyer not continuing to pay the bank balance as originally agreed. This makes the seller no longer own the car but still have to embrace the debt from the old car. Therefore, when selling a car in installment payment, it is best to be the person to directly repay the remaining debt or have a handover, a clear commitment to the debt responsibility.

11. Only deliver papers, not deliver vehicles

This is a trick that many people have been cheated on when buying used cars. Specifically, taking advantage of the previous acquaintance, the seller will require prepayment for a large portion of the car cost and deliver the papers to the buyer. However, after that, the seller hugged the car “disappeared”. With this trick, the scammer can simultaneously sell the car to many other people. Because you only need to report the lost vehicle documents to make a new vehicle document.

12. “Hug the money” of both the seller and the buyer

The scam of buying and selling used cars is often found at dealers or “storks” to receive consigned cars. When there is a buyer, the “trigger” will require the buyer to pay in advance about 90% of the amount to deliver the car and the remaining 10% to deliver when completing the name transfer procedure.

After holding the money, the agent will only hand over about 2/3 of the money to the car owner because the buyer needs to mortgage the bank to borrow money. However, then the “trigger” will “take away” this amount of the seller and also remove the responsibility to the buyer.

13. “Buttocks” fake luxury cars

This is a scam to buy and sell a professional used car. The old cars or stolen cars will be “transformed” to become fashionable cars, through the eyes of buyers. Even the engine, gear Vehicles can also be swapped and replaced. After “butt cheek”, “overhaul”, if not carefully checked, the buyer will be very difficult to detect.

Be careful with cheap old luxury cars

Catch the trend old luxury car price cheapMany phishing objects already use this method. So when buying a car, especially when buying a car for the first time, you should not see high-end cars with too low prices, and you were in a hurry to rejoice because it was a “fake” version of the car.

How to avoid being fooled when buying a used car?

To avoid being fooled into buying a used car, buyers must be very alert throughout the process from choosing where to buy a car, checking vehicle reviews, to negotiating prices and completing sales procedures.

Choosing a reputable car dealership: Priority to trusted acquaintances, buying genuine used cars, buying cars at large establishments … car prices These old places can be higher but with more assurance.

Comprehensive vehicle inspection: It is necessary to carefully check all items. In which special attention is checked the car has not been broken, car is not repainted, check the car interior, underbody, actual performance of the car … If you ask a third party to check, you should find or find the old car inspection service reputation. Especially need to carefully check vehicle papers.

When buying a used car, all items should be carefully checked

Calculate the price carefully: Should negotiate, pay a reasonable price for both parties. Beware of cases buy a used car at the price too easy, used car is surprisingly cheap …

Complete the procedures for changing the name of the car in accordance with the regulations: Do not change the name of the manual, use the power of attorney, but need to make a notarized sale and purchase contract and change the name according to regulations to avoid the risk of buying the wrong paper vehicle. fake sheets.

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Frequently asked questions about scams when buying used cars

? Should I buy a car without papers?

Reply: Paperless cars are usually cheap. However, absolutely should not buy because there is a problem with the origin of the car.

? How to avoid being fooled when buying a used car?

Reply: To avoid being fooled when buying a used car, choose a reputable car selling place (high price but with a guarantee), thoroughly check the vehicle’s condition, carefully check the vehicle’s paperwork, complete the purchase and sale procedure. according to regulations…

? Is it okay to buy a smuggled car?

Reply: There have been many schools using smuggled vehicles when authorities discovered that they were prosecuted for smuggling, illegal possession of military weapons, forging certificates and documents of agencies and organizations. .

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