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Say again: remember to backup your phone fully to lose it, broken machine doesn't lose data

It's 2019 and sometimes we still see someone saying that because they lost their phone they lost everything from contacts to pictures. Hic, you have to quickly store it in the cloud, how to make the phone can be lost anytime the data is still available. Have to see your phone as something that can be thrown away or changed at any time. If you have not done so, please follow the article below.

Contacts, calendar: Save to your Google / Gmail account is the best

Storing contacts in your Google Account, or in other words your Gmail account, will ensure that your phone is lost and your contacts will remain intact. In addition, compared to saving contacts to iCloud, saving to Google will also ensure greater compatibility, across all platforms and all applications without any problems.

In iOS and Android, go to Settings> Accounts> sign in to your Gmail account, then select sync contacts. On Android, whenever you create a new contact, Android will also ask where you want to save the number, remember to choose to save to your Google account.

Contacts are things that once lost, collecting them takes time, so you remember to do this first. After the data has sync with the Google Account, rest assured.

Images and videos: iOS uses iCloud, Android uses Google Photos

The backup of photos and videos also need to be activated immediately for backup because photos / videos when lost then almost never be able to get back at all.

With iOS, turn on backup mode on iCloud because only iCloud will ensure the fullest sync, running Google Photos may not sync enough or not always sync due to iOS's underground running limit. Chances are you'll have to buy additional iCloud storage, but paying tens of thousands of dong a month is still less expensive than losing data permanently. In addition, several dozen k there you can save many other things.

If you're using an Android phone, go to the Google Photos app> Settings> turn on sync and backup. You do not need to backup the image in the original mode, just backup at a high resolution is okay. Photos larger than 16MP will be resized to 16MP, and processed by Google's algorithm for a bit lighter, but because basic for general needs is still good, no problem at all. Google Photos allows you to save high-resolution photos for free, with no limit to the amount or capacity of anything, what crime you don't use.

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Document files: backup immediately after editing, downloading …

Make a habit of opening documents or copying files from somewhere, upload them to cloud storage services immediately. Currently the apps of Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud Drive … all allow uploading of files, you take a little bit harder, work harder than losing data.

Office apps like Microsoft Office also allow you to edit files directly on OneDrive, then click Save to automatically sync them. If not, then after finishing, remember to upload to the cloud app.

Browser bookmarks

These things, while lost, can still be recovered, but take your time, instead you turn on the sync feature to always lighten the head. With iOS, Safari can sync with your iCloud account, Chrome syncs with your Google Account, so make sure you sign in to your account before using the browser. As for Android, of course Chrome will sync with your Google Account already.

Note that some manufacturers' built-in browsers, such as those of Samsung or Xiaomi, will use their own account system. Remember to log in to your account.

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