Savior 5 hardware configuration exposure has RX 6600M independent display and 2K high refresh screen

Recently, Lenovo’s rescuer 5 configuration information is equipped with RX 6600 alone. It is understood that this graphics card uses an advanced 7nm process and RDNA 2 architecture, 8GB of memory capacity, 1792 stream processors, power consumption can be released to 100W, and the main game is 1080P resolution.

Recently, foreign media exposed the configuration diagram of Lenovo Rescuer 5. One thing is very noteworthy. The notebook will be equipped with AMD RX 6600M independent display. In other configurations, Lenovo Rescuer is also equipped with AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor, equipped with up to 32GB of memory and 1TB SSD, battery life up to 10.4 hours, and 170W charging head.

In terms of screen, the notebook provides a 15.6-inch 2K screen with a high refresh rate of 165Hz and a 100% sRGB color gamut, a maximum brightness of 300nits, and has passed AMD FreeSync Premium certification.

AMD officially released the Radeon RX 6000M series of notebook graphics cards at the Taipei Computer Show in June this year, based on the highly scalable RDNA 2 architecture. AMD officially stated that while the RNDA 2 architecture achieves the same performance as the previous generation RDNA architecture, the power consumption level is reduced by 50 to 60W.

It is understood that the RX 6600M mainly features 1080P resolution, adopts a 7nm process, has 8GB DDR6 video memory, 32MB wireless cache, the number of stream processors is 1792, the game frequency is 2177MHz, and the power consumption can be released up to 100W.

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