Saudi is a victim of US air raid on Iran

Saudi is a victim of US air raid on Iran

(News 24h)
                        Houthi forces have launched a heavy missile attack on the Saudi base to avenge the deaths of Iranian generals due to US air strikes.

According to Yemen-based Al-Masirah Television, an attack with at least three heavy surface-to-air missiles fired by Houthi on Friday evening (local time) was directed toward Saudi Arabia’s Asir province.

Saudi is the problem of the United States that does not inspire Iran
Houthi launches rocket.

The specific target for these missiles is a military base within the Majazat Al-Sharqiyah area of ​​Asir province. The exact extent of the damage is unknown, but local military sources said they had heard loud explosions, accompanied by smoke and fire rising from Majazat Al-Sharqiyah.

Houthi forces representative in Iran, Ibrahim Al-Daylami said, the attack in response to US air strikes killed General Iranim Soleimani. He said similar attacks would not stop in support of Iran in its confrontation with the United States and its allies in the region.

Not only was “hit” by the Houthi attack because of US air strikes, Saudi Aramco shares fell to the lowest level in recent months as investors feared Iran’s retaliation after the US air strike killed. Iranian generals last week.

Although oil prices have risen nearly 6% since last Thursday, to nearly $ 70 per barrel currently, Saudi Aramco shares have plummeted. “The killing of General Soleimani” has increased geopolitical risks, “making foreign investors less interested in Saudi Aramco,” expert Hasnain Malik said.

Besides, the increase in oil price may only be in the short term. When prices fall again, Aramco shares will be under greater pressure. Analysts at Goldman Sachs said that “prices will go down in the next few weeks. Recent events are pushing prices above the reasonable level of $ 63 a barrel,” the expert added.

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