SARDU: Add diagnostic programs and applications to a USB Flash

SARDU: Add diagnostic programs and applications to a USB Flash

Many times, especially those involved with computers, they may need to use some tools to identify the problem they may have when a computer is stuck with a virus and we cannot do anything through windows, or even when a computer starts but can't get into windows and much more

Of course for this purpose there are professional tools that cost a lot. Today, however, we will be working on building a multi-tool that will enable us to make a USB Flash with all the tools necessary for this purpose.

We will support all our efforts in the very good (free) and with great prospects, for this purpose of SARDU which will enable us to make such a tool consisting of the best free programs.


1. After downloading the program we run it, put our stick on some USB port and press (Searce USB) (1) so that the app will find our stick, if you have more than one USB device connected choose which one you want to install the programs on.

The next move is to choose which programs you want to install. As you can see in the program menu there are four main tabs Antivirus, Utility, Linux, Windows where each tab contains several applications related applications.

Although it is not necessary to download and install a specific application category on your USB, you can select and download any application from any tab by creating a multipurpose USB that includes security programs Utilities diagnostics Linux distributions and other applications running by case the program you want.

To download the programs you want click (2) with the mouse on the program you want to download and in the related menu that opens, click yes. Do the same for each program individually, then tap on the Start Download folder to automatically start downloading the programs you have selected.

2. Once you click on the Start Download button the application will automatically take us to a new panel where we see the programs we have selected and to each of them a bar showing the progress of the download. Finally, after downloading the files, click on the Create Sardu USB icon and wait until BOOT USB is created.

For full access to the app features you will need to register (it's free) to get your activation code product

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