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Saraburi wants to increase its ownership in Binh Minh Plastics to over 50%


Saraburi registered to buy more 818,609 shares to increase its ownership to over 50% of BMP’s capital.

The Nawaplastic Industries (Saraburi) Co, .Ltd has just announced to register to buy 818,609 shares of Binh Minh Plastic Joint Stock Company (HOSE: BMP) from 4/4 to 3/5.

Before the transaction, Saraburi holds 40.84 million BMP shares, ratio 49.89%. If the transaction is successful, Saraburi will increase its ownership to 41.66 million shares, equivalent to 50.89%.


On March 19, the State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) completed the transfer of nearly 24.14 million BMP shares to foreign partner The Nawaplastic Industries (Saraburi) Co., Ltd. These are all BMP shares that SCIC offered to sell competitively on March 9 at the price of 96,500 VND / share.

The Nawaplastic Industries is a member of SCG – a Thai group has been investing heavily in Vietnam. SCG is currently the main shareholder of Long Son Refinery and Petrochemical and holds control of Prime Group Brick Company, StarCemt Cement Company, Tin Thanh Packaging …

In the newly announced 2017 audit report, BMP’s after-tax profit decreased by 6.6 billion dong compared to before the audit. Specifically, audited profit after tax in 2017 was 464.7 billion dong while pre-audited profit after tax was 471.3 billion dong.

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