Sapiosexuality: definition and origin

Sapiosexuality: definition and origin

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A new concept related to sexuality is in vogue. THE sapiosexuality it is sexual attraction to a person due to his intellectual characteristics – intelligence, cultural background and worldview, and not necessarily by his body, as it is considered more normal.

  • What is sapiosexuality

  • Origin of the term

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What is sapiosexuality

Although many people already feel this type of attraction without conceptualizing it, the trend has recently been recognized as a peculiar form of sexual attraction. Other people value intelligence, but in conjunction with physical attractionafter all, it is natural not to be attracted to someone who, despite having a beautiful physique, is unable to have a ‘good chat’. But this simple discernment would not make the person sapiosexual, because for sapiosexuals the physical characteristics don’t matter for the emergence of sexual attraction.

Origin of the term

The word sapiosexuality is formed by the prefix sapien, from Latin, which means intelligence. The terminology would have been created by Darren Stalder, who claims to have invented the term in 1998. However, it was in 2008, with the creation of a website called by erotic writer Kayar Silkenvoice, that the term gained popularity.

Physical beauty

In sapiosexuality there is no aversion to physical beauty. This only remains in the background, given the other characteristics linked to intelligence and intellect. But, at first, beauty is completely dispensable for a sapiosexual, because for him the source of attraction is not related to the body but to the intellect of the partner.

Scientific confirmation

Still there is no scientific research that prove this new form of sexuality. The emergence of this trend is due to a movement on social networks that has echoed the concept spread by Silkenvoice.

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