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Sandboxie – Create a safe environment for running applications


Installing and running unorthodox applications brings unpredictable dangers to your computer. And Sandboxie will be a great solution for you at the moment, it will create a safe environment that allows you to test run malicious software without affecting the system.

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Sandboxie is a tool that helps you test and test untrusted software on your computer without affecting the system as well as being infected with Viruses. Sandboxie creates a safe, independent environment that allows you to check and control untrusted programs easily.

Guide to test and test the safety of the software in Sandboxie environment

Step 1: You need to download and install the latest version of Sandboxie

Step 2: Run and test the safety of the application on Sandboxie

Option 1: On the interface of the program, right-click on Sandbox DefaultBox and select Run Sandboxed ->Run Any Program

– A window appears, click Browse and navigate to the path containing the .exe file of the application you want to run in a safe environment. Then accumulate the mouse and item Run As UAC Administrator. Finally press OK

– Then the application will be launched normally (here is Firefox) and have a yellow border around. Now you can access any Web page, even containing malicious code, … without affecting the operation of the computer.

Method 2: When installing Sandboxie on your computer, by default it will appear in the right-click menu for you to use. You right-click on the software you want to test, run it in a safe environment and select Run Sandboxed.

– Then a dialog box appears, tick the item Run As UAC Administrator and press OK

Above we have instructed you how to use Sandboxie to create a safe environment to test and test software on the computer. Hope this little trick will help you in the process of using your computer and want to test the software.
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