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San Andreas, beautiful as this need nothing more GTA 6?

So far, GTA: SA has nearly turned 16. That’s right, the game associated with many generations of Vietnamese PC gamers has been older than a decade. The adventure of CJ and “his accomplices” is still considered by many to be one of the best stories about “American dreams” Rockstar has ever brought to the grave.

Overwhelmed with the remake of GTA: San Andreas, how beautiful is this need of GTA 6?  - Picture 1.

After nearly 2 decades, GTA: San Andreas suddenly transformed with the new graphics platform Unreal Engine 4. With the community of GTA fans in particular and gamers in general, what the GTA remake: San Andreas Showing is too great.

In the context of GTA 6 is still negative, you can completely put your trust in the remastered products of the previous versions.

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