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Samurai Shodown – Game Review

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Samurai Shodown aka Samurai Spirits (Japanese name) is a nickname too familiar to Vietnamese gamers in the 1990s. The series is famous for its simple style of fighting, focusing on weapons and kendo, in the same context. bold Japanese Thien Minh (Tenmei) with a history of social change.

This is also the name that has disappeared from the antagonistic map since 2008, at the same time as SNK's hiding from the gaming industry because of financial difficulties, making many gamers love the regret fighting genre. n.

But with SNK returning from the "dead", Samurai Shodown was revived after more than 11 years of absence with the latest version just released on June 22 this year. The game is promised to retain the core elements that made it successful before, as well as bring modern elements


Not as flashy as the game series Guilty Gear good Dragon Ball FighterZ with monstrous continuous chain sequences, do not program a countervailing system like a line Street Fighter with the power and skill bars, Samurai Shodown Put all your energy to attract players with a simple gameplay system.

Thanks to this, the player can pick up the joystick and play it with anyone, even though this is the first fighting game they play. Easy to play, easy access is the strong highlight of the version Samurai Shodown This year, as well as the tradition of the game series (except one – two exception versions).

Samurai Shodown - Game Review

However, if you think that if a game is as simple as this, then anyone can play well and play well, you are wrong. Admission for "park" Samurai Shodown It may be free but to be able to visit, understand all the entertainment spots, as well as stand high position, the game requires the players some knowledge as well as certain skills.

Samurai Shodown putting style into the basic characteristics of a fighting game, it is the number of frames, the distance of the character and normal, neutral (neutral) attacks. If Street Fighter highlighting the number of frames and distances to be the basis for continuous attacks or creating excitement and inspiration for its playing style, then Samurai Shodown use the above elements as the core, creating their own values.

Those who are hard-pressed to learn the game and apply their knowledge to these basic elements are rewarded with powerful defensive counter-attacks, phases that lure opponents to disarm or skill. dodge the attack to give an advantage to the character he controls.

The game is designed by SNK at a low level to create a feeling for players that each battle is a one-to-one battle between swordsmen.

Each character not only has different skills but also has different traits with different characteristics, but if the player does not take the time to study and learn thoroughly, the taste of bitter fruit in the fighting scenes is also common in battles Samurai Shodown.

The game is designed by SNK at a low level to create a feeling for players that each battle is a one-to-one battle between swordsmen. A mistake often leads to a player's swordsman losing an important match. Can say with this style, Samurai Shodown In terms of tactics, a point is often ignored by most other fighting games. To win, players must think carefully about their actions. Reading the match and judging the opponent's path is the key to winning, as well as the joy for the player at Samurai Shodown.

Samurai Shodown - Game Review


Biggest minus point at Samurai Shodown is that except for the story play, the single-player challenge and the practice mode, the game has nothing for the player to play … alone. The game places heavy emphasis on the antagonism between players and players, this is Samurai Shodown done very well and effectively, but in addition to the antagonism between players, the replay value of the game has almost no attraction.

The current number of characters located at number 16 is also a small number for a modern fighting game, especially in the 16 characters above, there are 13 characters who are old, outstanding characters in The previous versions of the game and everyone knows. This makes the player's surprise and excitement significantly reduced when they want to learn the characters in the game, choose their main characters to call thunder to call the rain in the battle arena. .

It is expected that there will be extensions, bring some other characters to the game, but with 4 new characters to be released every 2 months from here to February 2020, this speed is written by the writer is slow and likely will make players forget Samurai Shodown, especially when the fighting game is flooded with great, well-known titles like Soul Calibur VI, Street Fighter V good Dragon Ball FighterZ.

The biggest minus point in Samurai Shodown is that except for the plot play, the single-player challenge and the training mode, the game has nothing to play so that players can play … alone


  • Manufacturing: SNK
  • Release: SNK
  • Kind: Countervailing
  • Meeting day: June 25, 2019
  • Machine system: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC


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