Samsung will integrate eSIM technology for Galaxy S20 series

The Unpacked 2020 event will be held by Samsung on February 11, 2020. This will be the event to introduce the next Galaxy S, the flagship device that many people expect. Many expect the Galaxy S20 series to be packed with many unique and breakthrough technologies. Recently, a new feature information has been leaked.
Samsung will integrate eSIM technology for Galaxy S20 series

Accordingly, it is likely that Samsung will integrate eSIM technology for Galaxy S20 series. If you do not know, eSIM is a programmed electronic SIM embedded into the device to replace the normal physical SIM card. eSIM is very convenient and is being used by a lot of applications, the most typical examples are the 2018 iPhone models.

Besides Apple, Samsung has been gradually integrating eSIM into its devices, most recently the Galaxy Fold. Most recently, some sources have also revealed that Samsung is likely to conduct eSIM integration for the Galaxy S20 trio of devices.

If this information is true, the version benefiting most from eSIM is nothing more than the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Why is that? Because up to now, Samsung’s flagship devices are equipped with hybrid SIM slots. With this slot, users can choose to use Dual SIM or one SIM a microSD memory card. However, if there is an eSIM, users can use Dual SIM at the same time and still expand the memory with microSD.


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