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Samsung: "We have not prepared anything for the Galaxy Fold launch event since April."

According to an unnamed official, since the first postponement in April, Samsung has not prepared anything for the Galaxy Fold launch event until now.

“If we were to prepare for something this month, we would have done it for a long time. Nothing has improved since the first time the Galaxy Fold was delayed in April last year. ", an unnamed Samsung official revealed.

The announcement seems to be related to Samsung's high-end (re) Galaxy Fold launch event. These launch events usually take weeks to months for the company to be prepared carefully. And if Samsung hasn't prepared anything for the event yet, it doesn't seem like there will be any launch event in June or July as rumors. And Galaxy Fold will continue to be postponed.

Samsung has never been clear about the official launch of the Galaxy Fold. The company continuously uses words like "soon" or "in the next few weeks" to mention this event. And if Samsung doesn't release the Galaxy Fold before July, there will be 3 possibilities:

  • Galaxy Fold launches with Galaxy Note 10 in August
  • Continue postponing the Galaxy Fold launch date after the Galaxy Note 10 launches
  • Quietly released before the event of Galaxy Note 10

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With these three possibilities, perhaps the first solution will be the best. However, Samsung can also choose to launch quietly by sending press releases. And if this happens, it partly explains the assertion that Samsung has not yet prepared anything for the Galaxy Fold launch event.

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