Samsung still can't sell Galaxy Fold in June - VnReview

Samsung still can't sell Galaxy Fold in June – VnReview

Those who want to hold hands with Samsung's first folding screen smartphone will have to wait for a long time when the company cannot sell the device in June.

When it debuted at the Unpacked 2019 event in February 2019, Samsung confidently announced that it will sell the first Galaxy Fold smartphone in April, while rival Huawei Mate X plans to put it on June. .

However, things don't go smoothly when the screen error sent to the reviewer forces the Korean company to postpone the sale date to find the cause and fix it.

Rumors have it that Samsung will complete and quickly sell Galaxy Fold in May. However, May is about to end, and the latest signals are not very positive.

Although never confirmed, CEO DJ Koh once pointed out that he will give "conclusions" about the Galaxy Fold screen error "in a few days" (a few weeks ago). But in the end nothing was given, and PhoneArena We are more likely to wait a few more weeks to hear Samsung make a "final conclusion".

Perhaps Samsung has found the reason why the Galaxy Fold batch sent the reviewer a screen error, but overcoming it is extremely difficult. Samsung is still working to improve the Galaxy Fold's design, but the process will take longer than expected. According to Korean media, at least by the end of June, we will have a chance to see Galaxy Fold on the shelf.

As pioneers with designs that are considered "new wind" in the context of saturated market, but both Samsung and Huawei face many difficulties. While Samsung is looking to improve the Galaxy Fold's screen durability, for Huawei, it is unclear where their smartphone market will go when a series of technology firms, including Google, have stopped working with the company.

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