Samsung Smart Monitor M5 - Smart screen with many surprises

Samsung Smart Monitor M5 – Smart screen with many surprises

In the present time, there are many ways to set up computer corners, from very aggressive gaming corners, all kinds of RGB lights and multi-monitors, to simple one-tone minimalist style corners. color and a single screen. For the minimalist setup angle, rearranging the connection wires is always the biggest obstacle, especially with the wires connecting from the screen to the devices. Samsung has a very minimalist solution with a line of monitors with very special wireless connectivity, which is the Smart Monitor M5 series, below is an assessment of the appearance and performance of this wireless monitor.


The Smart Monitor M5 is a very interesting combination between a computer monitor and a smart TV. The M5 screen will carry the design language of Samsung smart TVs in 2021, with a leg assembly with a neat screen support shaft and a very sturdy base made of aluminum. This design trend is very suitable for users who want a simple computer setup corner because the stand has helped the monitor have a decent and polite design in the computer corner. The unfortunate point of this stand is that in making the curtain less flexible, users will only have to move the height of the screen up or down and cannot rotate the support axis or rotate the screen vertically 90 degrees.

But to overcome the problem of poor mobility, Samsung will also give the Smart Monitor M5 the ability to connect to the VESA standard external monitor stand. Going to the connection port, because it is a monitor not for gamers, the screen will only stop at having 2 HDMI 2.0 ports and 2 USB type A 3.0 ports. Talk a little bit about these 2 ports, in computer monitor mode, because there is no signal input, these 2 ports will not work as input signal and data ports, while in TV screen, these two ports will be usable as usual.


The screen panel is very attractively designed with three very thin bezels creating a premium in design. The panel used on Smart Monitor M5 will not give high efficiency, the company will only equip the screen with a 27-inch VA panel with a resolution of only 1920 x 1080 60Hz refresh rate, the same resolution. Maximum brightness is 280 nits. Smart Monitor M5 will be most suitable for use in a working environment that does not have too much complicated light, and the audience using this monitor is not content designers, or even games. Due to the low color accuracy and color coverage on the VA panel, along with the low refresh rate of the screen, the monitor is not suitable for eSport games that need high response.

The technology worth the money of this screen is the ability to operate independently, inside the screen itself will be equipped with TizenOS operating system and a remote control to help the screen work equivalent to a computer. smart TV when not connected to a desktop or laptop computer. Besides, Smart Monitor M5 will also support Samsung DEX, this is the point that will make the monitor an option for enthusiasts of minimalist setup. Just need a Samsung Smart phone that supports Samsung DEX, users can turn the phone into a mini PC to use office applications with full wireless connectivity to external peripherals. even with the Smart Monitor M5. The setup corner with wireless DEX, wireless mouse and keyboard, will only have one power cord of the Smart Monitor, extremely neat.

In summary, with a price of about 8 million VND, not too high a price for a monitor, this will be a mainstream product best suited for those who want to have a computer setup corner. minimalism, or simple entertainment. You can immediately refer to the price and promotions for Smart Monitor M5 here.


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