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Samsung said that there is a risk of canceling the Galaxy Fold sale

Speaking to the Korean Herald, a Samsung official confessed that the current company could not solve the Galaxy Fold technical problems thoroughly. Since being forced to relinquish its launch date in April, Samsung has not made any progress yet to help its "breakthrough" device be commercially available on the market. Earlier, when the Galaxy Fold was introduced in events, this machine is expected to be officially sold in May.

Besides Huawei being delayed on the Mate X, the fact that folding screen devices are interrupted can be a sad news for the tech community in general, not just whether you are Samfan . The folding screen is considered a unique idea, blowing a new wind into the phone world is becoming more and more boring. But if these devices are forever only on the introductory events, users will still have to choose to buy smartphones in the same way that we have been doing for years.

It seems that after Samsung failed to sell the Galaxy Fold, all eyes will look at Apple this fall, the launch of the new iPhone. There is also information that Apple will work to create a … iPhone fold, but the information is still not specific. I personally think Apple will not come out for at least this year, and Samfan is not sad either because Samsung will definitely introduce the latest S or Note to compete with apple houses.

Lê Phú Khương

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