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Samsung releases new chips for earbuds that provide longer battery life and greater design flexibility

The editor found that many friends are interested in the information that Samsung’s new chip for earplugs can provide longer battery life and greater design flexibility. The editor is targeting Samsung’s release of new chips for earplugs. It can provide longer battery life and greater design flexibility. I sorted out some relevant information and shared it with you here.

As technology advances, people find it more comfortable to discard all cables (especially headphones). Consumers’ demand for wireless earplugs is rapidly expanding. From 2018 to 2019, sales have increased by more than 200%. However, the battery capacity of True Wireless Stereo devices (TWS) such as AirPods and Galaxy Buds needs to be improved.

Now, Samsung has announced a possible solution. Today, the company announced a new technology that has been developed, called MUA01 and MUB01 chips, which are power management integrated circuits (PMIC).

But what does this mean? In fact, this new technology makes the chip smaller, which provides more options for design. Samsung can combine up to ten different components with just one chip, saving the required space. Some of these components include a chip responsible for switching chargers (supporting wireless and wired charging in the same chip). The chip’s firmware can also be modified to support other applications.

Another useful feature provided by the smaller size of the new chip is that a longer battery life can be used to accommodate a larger battery, thereby extending playback time. The aforementioned chips are used in Samsung Galaxy Buds+. We have seen the effect of this feature: Galaxy Buds + is said to provide about 11 hours of playback time, which is the longest battery life among all TWS devices at present, compared to the second-generation AirPods and AirPods Pro Can provide about 5 hours of playing time (without using its considerable charging box).

In addition, Samsung’s new chip provides the earplugs with the ability to communicate with each other and share important data (such as battery levels). Samsung Electronics Senior Vice President Shin Dong-ho said in the statement: “Samsung’s industry-first all-in-one power management solution optimized for TWS devices will enable manufacturers to create new applications with greater flexibility.”

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