Sforum - Samsung's latest technology news site Samsung has reached a separate agreement with Tokyo about the supply of materials but the future is still quite dark.

Samsung reached a separate agreement with Tokyo about the supply of materials but the future is still quite dark

Earlier this month Japan announced a decree to restrict exports of three important chemicals affecting both the chip industry and the phone to South Korea. Samsung and LG are the two companies that will suffer the most.

If the time when Tokyo and Seoul could not find a common voice, not only the Korean technology industry was affected but it also had a negative impact on the global supply chain. Currently Samsung is one of the world's largest memory chip suppliers, Samsung and LG are two companies that offer OLED displays for iPhones and many other OLED display devices around the globe.

But luckily, a latest announcement from South Korea, Samsung's vice president – Li Zaiyu made a trip to Tokyo early last week and reached a separate agreement on material supplies.

Mr. Li Zaiyu said he could guarantee the supply of three main chemicals that Japan has restricted exports. It is unclear what agreement is made but this information helps Samsung to prevent the production chain crisis in the future.

Still, it's hard to know how long the Samsung vice president is talking about. If relations between the two countries are not improved, it is difficult to predict what will happen.

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