Samsung QLED beat the annual sales of OLED TVs combined in the first quarter - VnReview

Samsung QLED beat the annual sales of OLED TVs combined in the first quarter – VnReview

Despite failing to entice other companies, Samsung is proving itself to be able to boost QLED TV sales.

Market research firm IHS Markit has just released a report on the TV market earlier this year. According to figures, QLED TV is gradually surpassing OLED, leading the growth in the high-end segment. In total, 912,000 QLED TVs were sold in the first three months of the year, up 2.5 times from 367,000 units in the same period last year. On the other side of the front line, OLED units only reached 611,000 units.

Only Samsung accounted for 896,000 units in total sales, the remaining 16,000 units came from TCL, Hisense and Vizio. On the OLED side, the top five companies including LG Electronics, Sony, Panasonic, Philips (AOC / TP Vision) and Skyworth, sold 569,600 units, which is not equal to Samsung's own sales. In the fourth quarter of last year, Samsung's QLED TV sales reached 1,080,900 units, while the top five OLED manufacturers were 867,700 units.

Although there are few participating companies, the QLED TV still surpasses OLED by Samsung's position

In terms of density, IHS Markit said Samsung accounted for 98% of the QLED group, while LG was 62.2% of the OLED block. This means, although Samsung failed to entice many companies to promote QLED TV with them, they themselves were too strong in the market. While the opposition led by LG despite being more crowded, it still can't beat Samsung. QLED TVs use QD-LCD technology that continues to encroach on OLED, thanks to the lower price advantage.

A Samsung official said: "Management TV has become a mainstream trend globally.". This is a solid pedal for the company to pursue microLED, QD-OLED technology in the future.

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