Samsung phones in China have the same error as Vietnam, suspected due to the lunar calendar - VnReview
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Samsung phones in China have the same error as Vietnam, suspected due to the lunar calendar – VnReview

Starting this morning (May 23), a number of Samsung devices were suffering from software errors, automatically running into Recovery Mode and unable to function normally.

This situation has been recorded a lot on Facebook as well as technology forums in Vietnam. However, the news page Sparrows News Also shared more about the same phenomenon that is happening in China. Countless posts on Weibo reflect the same bug, models noted including the Galaxy S8, S9, S10 and even the latest S20, suggesting a software bug occurred on even the Samsung flagship. In Vietnam, it is reported that it mostly falls into the J series devices in 2018 and some Galaxy A series models.

Samsung China users also suffer the same error as Vietnam (photo: Sparrows News)

Preliminary judgment before the official answer of Samsung, this is the fault of the software system related to the date and time update according to the Lunar calendar, according to Chinese users as well as some tech-savvy people. in Viet Nam. Some tech-savvy people have had an experiment to test it. If you set the date and time to 23/6 (1/5 Lunar Calendar), the device will use normally. But if you switch back to 23/5 today (1/4 Lunar Calendar), the device will immediately error automatically run into Recovery Mode.

This error arises because this year comes two April and today is the first day of the second April. According to Mr. Nguyen Hoang Chuong from TekCafe, the Samsung programmers already know about this and make patches in the recent patches, but a large number of users have not updated in time. Which leads to the machines running the old software version are faulty in the second April of lunar calendar.

Many Samsung models have software problems related to the lunar calendar (photo: Sparrows News)

Because the original Android operating system only uses the solar calendar and Western countries do not use the lunar calendar, Western technology channels are not aware of this situation. The incident only focused on China and Vietnam, which are the two countries using lunar calendar, and mainly those who have not yet been able to upload a patched version of Samsung software, showing that this hypothesis is highly reliable. .

In the immediate future, Samsung users should pay attention to the following measures to resolve this situation, reducing the damage to data in the device, especially for those who use the phone for business purposes.

Measure 1:

  • Turn off auto-updates via network.

  • Back up data in the phone.

  • Change the time and date to the 1st of the fifth lunar month or later, avoid setting the date and time to coincide with the fourth month of the lunar calendar

Measure 2:

  • Reboot the device.

  • Double-click the power button to access the camera.

  • Open the camera settings in the upper left corner of the screen.

  • Pull down the notification bar to get into settings.

  • Navigate to the software upgrade section and select, keep the screen always bright.

Measure 3:

  • Turn off the use of all applications and services that need Lunar information.

  • Change territories and machine language to a language other than Vietnamese (Vietnamese) and Chinese (Chinese).

Measure 4:

  • Take it to Samsung Service Centers or stores of Mobile World, CellphoneS, thanks to technician intervention.

Samsung users should be careful not to repair by themselves, which may cause complete loss of data of the machine. Samsung has acknowledged this situation and will notify customers soon. We will wait for an official response from the company about this issue.

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