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Samsung phones can find the location even when there is no network

Galaxy phones can automatically scan nearby devices to send location signals when the desired model does not have a network connection.

Member Max Weinbach on the XDA forum yesterday discovered that Samsung has silently added the Find My Mobile feature on some new Galaxy phones. Notably, it can find the location of devices that do not have a cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Samsung phones can find the location even when there is no network

Phone offline search is lost on Samsung phones.

“It allows your phone to be used to scan nearby lost Galaxy devices and vice versa. You can also find both the watch and the headset if this is the last device connected on the phone, ”says Samsung about the feature.

As for how it works, Max Weinbach explained that when a Galaxy phone is lost, it can still communicate with surrounding Galaxy phones via bluetooth and “thanks” some identifying information. When the owner wants to find the lost phone, Samsung’s Find My Mobile system will mobilize all connected phones to see if there have been “exchanges” with the lost phone or not, thereby giving the location information. almost exactly.

Similar feature on iPhones running iOS 13 or later.

Samsung’s Find My Mobile works pretty much like any iPhone running iOS 13. The feature also allows users to find a lost iPhone that is offline and just turned on. To enable this feature on iPhone, users go to Settings, choose personal settings, choose Find My iPhone, turn on Find My iPhone and turn on Offline Search and send the last location.

Source: vnexpress.net


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