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Samsung patents a smartphone with two sliders, the future Galaxy A82?

Samsung has patented a rather special smartphone, since it has a sliding mechanism in both directions, at the top and at the bottom of the smartphone. Such a device makes it possible to take advantage of a screen without a notch or punch.

The patent was reportedly filed by Samsung at the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) in mid-2020. The patent was then approved by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) on January 28.

Samsung smartphone with two sliders – Credit: LetsGoDigital

Sliding mechanisms are not new. OPPO introduced this technology for the first time on the OPPO Find X in 2018, which was quite revolutionary for its time. Since then, other manufacturers have used a similar sliding mechanism on their own smartphones, such as Xiaomi on the Mi Mix 3 that we were able to test.

This technology makes it possible in particular to benefit from a display without discontinuity, since it consists of hide the front photo sensor in a sliding panel behind the screen. Samsung goes even further in its patent, by also integrating front speakers on the lower part of the smartphone, which can also slide.

A double sliding mechanism on the Galaxy A82?

According to the images of the patent, the entire rear part of the smartphone would be sliding. So, sliding down, the user could have access to the two front cameras of the smartphone as well as the three rear cameras. By swiping up, the user could take advantage ofAKG front loudspeaker more powerful than on conventional telephones.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Samsung would use such a device on the Galaxy A82 in 2021 or on a future iteration of that lineup. In 2019, with its Galaxy A80, Samsung had tried to carve out a small place in the market for “full screen” smartphones thanks to a rotating camera. This solution was also interesting, sinceit allowed the use of rear cameras for selfies. Users could thus enjoy better quality than conventional smartphones.

The problem with slider mechanisms is thatthey take up a lot of space in the smartphone. As a result, it could be a pretty big phone, since Samsung will need to make sure it has a battery large enough to last at least a day’s use.

Samsung smartphone with two sliders - LetsGoDigital
Samsung smartphone with two sliders – Credit: LetsGoDigital

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