Samsung patented smartphones with curved screens overflowing all four sides

Samsung has launched a lot of smartphones with curved screens, but until now, they have always been limited to the two sides. However, a new patent filed in November 2018 at WIPO (South Korea's Intellectual Property Organization) shows that the Korean manufacturer seems to want to create a phone with a curved screen. 4 sides.

This design sounds familiar, because the 2016 Honor Magic also has a 4-sided curved screen, but the device Samsung is working on is a bit different. The main difference is the size of the bezel.

Unlike Honor Magic with a thick border on the top and bottom edges, Samsung's smartphone comes with ultra-thin borders on all four sides, giving the borderless design an absolutely stunning look.

Samsung patented smartphones with curved screens overflowing 4 sides - Photo 1.

Another difference is that Samsung has hidden the selfie camera and the necessary sensors down the screen. Since the screen is bent and the camera is flat, the image is distorted, the patent indicates that the sensor will be placed in the corner of the screen.

Since there is no fingerprint sensor on the back or side, it is likely that the device also has a fingerprint sensor integrated below the screen. Patent diagram shows that it will be equipped with a dual camera on the back and only a single physical key on the side.

Samsung patented smartphones with curved screens overflowing 4 sides - Photo 2.

Based on the images described in the patent, LetsGoDigital has created a series of 3D renderings so that we can easily visualize the design of this phone. Looking at the render series, it is easy to see the 4-sided curved design that will make Samsung's mysterious smartphone quite slippery to use, although the patent says the curves will have a stronger grip.

In addition, the back of the device is also bent at all edges, which can be made of metal material. However, based on Samsung's habits, it seems that the glass material will sound much more reasonable.

Samsung patented smartphones with curved screens overflowing 4 sides - Photo 3.

Since this is still a patent, it is not possible to say for sure that Samsung will release a commercial smartphone with such a design. In addition, during testing, the company may also change some components, so this is not necessarily the final design of the device. Most likely, we will soon see a prototype using this design in the near future.

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