Samsung released a TV with a size of 292 inches, a resolution of 8K - Photo 1.

Samsung launched a 292-inch, 8K-resolution TV

Today (June 13), Samsung has just released a new version of The Wall TV model called The Wall Luxury, which owns a MicroLED screen measuring 292 inches and a resolution of up to 8K. In addition, the company also offers another variant of The Wall Luxury with 73-inch screen and 2K resolution. As expected, The Wall Luxury will start selling next month.

The Luxury Wall has a higher maximum resolution than previous Samsung MicoLED TV prototypes, but it also takes up more space. At CES 2019, Samsung has exhibited MicroLED The Wall TV models with 75 inch screens and 4K resolution. Therefore, despite the "Luxury" suffix, the newly released 73-inch version proved to be worse off when the resolution was only 2K.

MicroLED is a screen technology that uses individual LEDs to create a pixel. Meanwhile, existing LED TV models simply use LED to display the pixels above. This mechanism makes MicroLED TV capable of displaying a "really black" black color, because the black display part has absolutely no current flowing.

This is a display technology similar to OLED, but has overcome the outstanding shortcomings such as low maximum brightness and burn-in. According to Samsung, The Luxury Wall TV has a durability of up to 100,000 hours and can achieve a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits.

Currently, Samsung has not announced prices for The Wall Luxury, but with such huge size and high-end specifications, the price of this TV will certainly not be small at all.

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